Terrence Howard’s Looking Bad After His Ex-Girlfriend Says He Beat Her Too

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Terrence Howard may not be getting too many good jobs in Hollywood after his reputation gets ruined by a string of women who say that he likes to go over the top.  Yet another woman is saying that Howard beat her too, and this one has the pictures to prove it.  This hurts Howard’s credibility with his ex-wife, since he has tried to convince the public and the police that she started the fight.  So, either Terrence is choosing all the wrong women, or he is not the man that he claims he is.  It’s sad. 


Terrence Howard‘s ex-wife obtained a restraining order against the Crash star last month claiming domestic violence, and now a former girlfriend of the 44-year-old actor has come forward providing RadarOnline.com with exclusive photos from last year when she alleges he hit her and gave her a black eye and bruises on her body.

May Seng Yang claims she dated the sometimes married A-lister on and off for nearly 12 years, and during a May 2012 altercation at his Pennsylvania home — with then-girlfriend Erica Taylor present — Yang claims Howard choked her, threw her to the ground and hit her left eye with his fist.

According to Yang, Howard reached out to let her know he would be home on the weekend of May 5-6 and wanted her to stop by, but after she didn’t hear back from him that entire weekend she stopped by his home and Erica answered the door.



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  1. Terrance Howard is a lost SOUL. He acts UNIQUE I WOULDN'T PUT IT PASS HIM.

  2. It’s a shame for a man that has good looks and great acting abilities to come out smelling like a “rat” in his own life. I used to think he was “all that and a bag of chips with coke on side”, but you sure have to be careful when you judge the book by the cover, cause the contents can be full of “real life drama”!

  3. @Elaine, looks have nothing to do with a person being a batterer. Halle Berry dealt with a ‘good looking’ batterer as have many other men that suffers with vanity and entitlement.

    As an actor he is and has never been in my top 100 Black male actors. He would not stand a chance with a man whipping his butt.

  4. Sorry to see a lot of people on here disappointed in Mr. Howard's behavior but that is why they call it acting…Do not mix up acting with character…

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