Russell Simmons on the Harriet Tubman Tape: They Tried to Paula Deen Me

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Russell Simmons took a lot of heat for that Harriet Tubman s-x tape, which he probably wishes he’d never allowed into the public eye.  He didn’t make the tape, but it was his job to stop his comedians from putting it out.  But right after the backlash happened, he apologized, but that wasn’t enough for the feminists, who were sick and tired of him anyway. 

But Russell keeps fighting back, yelling at the “do nothing negroes” who sit and complain about what others aren’t doing, but don’t do anything themselves.  Russell has a strong track record on incarceration issues in the black community, which has helped a lot of men and women come home to their families.  Is that enough?  Hard to tell.  Keep reading: 

Just when you thought Russell Simmons couldn’t dig a deeper grave for himself after his Harriet Tubman sex tape scandal, he gives a damaging interview with talk show host Arsenio Hall. Simmons, who has apologized for releasing the sex tape, is still confused over why the backlash was so severe.

“It was this idea that this slave took advantage of a slave master and blackmailed him,”  Simmons said during last week’s taping of “Arsenio Hall Show.” “And it really struck a nerve with people and hurt their feelings, so I pulled it down within a few hours of it going up, and I tried to move on. “

When Simmons is ready to move on, everyone else should as well.



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  1. No They just let you know that one who supports black pride should always know his place. Bottom line your still a Nigger to most folks.

  2. In the words of Harriett Tubman, I’ve freed thousands of slaves and I would freed more only of they know they were slaves. That’s this foot shuffling negro fault. We as he say do nothing negro know enough not to accept his ignorance. Money can buy you things but it can’t buy humility. So in other words he can kiss mines and our ancestors a$$.

  3. He's disgusting .

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