Mathew Knowles’ Ex-Mistress Apologizes to His Family

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Nobody knows what happens inside a marriage, and we always assume that the person who left the marriage is the bad person.  But no one knows who was to blame when Mathew Knowles, the father of Beyonce and Solange, got with a mistress that ended his marriage. 

But revenge can be ugly.  Alexsandra Wright, who appears to be angry over money from child support issues, has put out an open letter apologizing to the family for the pain that her affair caused.  Not sure if Beyonce and company are going to accept the apology, since she wasn’t apologizing when things were going well.

Mathew didn’t marry Alexsandra.  He actually married another young woman by the name of Gina Avery.  So, a lot of women are upset at him right now, including daughter Beyonce, who fired him as her manager. 

See clips of Wright’s letter below:

“It is with a heavy heart we must head back to Superior Court to continue the fight for the rights of my son Nixon Knowles, who has proven to be Mathew Knowles’ biological son. My family and I have exhausted every non-legal avenue to urge Mathew to be a responsible father and to follow the stipulated judgment we reached together, which was approved by California’s Superior Court.

“I am deeply saddened that our personal business is being aired in such a public forum. As a result of false statements made by sources very close to our situation, rumors and innuendos are openly being spread about my son and me. Naturally the negative words affect both of our families, children and careers. Therefore, I find it unavoidable to remain silent.

“In the beginning, Mathew and I had a working relationship that encompassed mutual respect and professional admiration. When I met him I already had a very successful and financially viable professional career. He positioned himself as a mentor to me and someone that I could turn to for business advice. As time passed, our relationship turned into a very close personal one.

“I never wanted or intended to hurt anyone in the process.

“I regret the pain that I have contributed to his family and to my own family. I have the utmost respect and admiration for both of his daughters – they are both lovely women. I also regret the pain that this situation has caused his ex-wife, Tina, and very much wish one day I will get the opportunity to tell her personally.”



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  1. This lady is crazy u tore up a marriage had his baby cause he had money he was all so sexy but he layed you and married so other chick now u wanna so forgive me if they do then there crazy I know I've been that women it's hurts deep to know the Man U loved could do that cheat and leave so leave that family alone

  2. She didn't tear up his family… He did!!! He made a vow to his wife & started a family with her. Is the mistress wrong? YES!!! But I'm tired of people blaming it all on the other person. Now with that said… She needs to not handle her business in the public eye!!!

  3. She and Mr. Knowles should have several seats. I feel bad fir the innocent child.

  4. I can go on and on about her being a home wrecker, but it takes two to tangle! This is one of the rarest apologies that I find to be sincere! I wish her well in all her drama. She didn't remember the proverbial saying you lay with dogs you are up with………..

  5. Money…..

  6. I am sure no one in that family gives a damn about her lame apology. You did your dirt in the dark, that is what you will always be to them…a dirty dark stain in the family's history! Take your position!

  7. I read it, cause I like gossip. But in the grand scheme of things: WHO CARES!!!

  8. Its BITCHES like U.

  9. Too little….too late! Sideline piece, always get what they deserved in the end!!

  10. What di she expected…. Once a cheater always a cheater!

  11. What’s understood not need to be explain, your child with her X-husband can’t go away, BUT, you sure can! Go away, when and if she want to hear from you, she will I’m sure will give you a call. ( Don’t hold your breath) the way it look now, your want to talk with her, because you hoping she will help you.to get what is due to your son? That’s his son, you two deal with it. You’re angry that he left his wife, left you and married someone else? Get over it. Put on your big girl panties, and stop publicly airing your business. Take that ASS back to court, you’re cheating your CHILD. These people don’t want to hear from you..Your son do, and want to hear Mommie, make my DAD pay my way in Life.

  12. Something's are best left unsaid. She needs to STOP putting her love- child problems out in public. You did what u did knowing what u were doing along with him so in the end you still didn't get the man keep the rest of ur drama between the both of u not in the public. I'm sure his daughters nor their mother really care for your excuses. Go as you came like the thief in the night and try to learn to be respectful of other women husbands. No good come from wrong doings on both parties end.

  13. Dumb stupid trick!! Sit your gold digging, triffling, no morals azz down! You knew what you were doing. He’s at fault because he was married, but you should have kept your legs closed around another woman’s husband. You should have had self respect. Tina got the last laugh, I’m sure she doesn’t need his money. You must be young, dumb & stupid!! He got you good. You got a baby & he still didn’t wife you because you are like a lot of tramps out here sl#ts, thinking your hurting the wife, but Karma will get you 10 times over. You were just sex a piece of a##. I feel sorry for the innocent baby you chose to use as a cash cow & pawn. I wish you would try to meet & talk to Tina. I’m sure those daughters will ho upside your head.

  14. WOW!!!! how I love KARMA!!! you thought because you spread your sorry ass legs to a married man that you would get him and he wouldn’t cheat on your dumb a#@??? LOL!!! Now you want to apologize to the FAMILY…for what?? they had nothing to do with you and Matthew Knowles screwing one another!! so leave them out of it!! nobody is going to feel sorry for you and help support a child that they did not have anything to do with creating it!!! I hope the FAMILY tell your stupid azz to “burn the road up B*t*h!!!!

  15. WOW! how I love KARMA! you thought because you spread your sorry a** legs to a married man that you would get him and he wouldn't cheat on your dumb a**? LOL! Now you want to apologize to the FAMILY…for what? they had nothing to do with you and Matthew Knowles screwing one another! so leave them out of it! nobody is going to feel sorry for you and help you support a child that they did not have anything to do with creating! I hope the FAMILY tell your stupid azz to "burn the road up B*t*h!

  16. Sorry her meal ticket didn't end up like she planned. Karma is abiotch, what comes around goes around, and you reap what you sow. I don't feel sympathy or empathy for this woman or any other woman who interferes with a married home.


  18. U said that!

  19. I woulda said ho please. Yeah Beyoncé dad is a cheater and that’s foul. The mistress needs to step off. This heffa had his child and knew he was married trick please

  20. No one has any sympathy for this baby mama. Now, she is remorseful for sleeping with Tina’s husband. Now, she is crying because those child support checks aren’t coming in. Go back to your financially successful career that you had BEFORE you started sleeping with Matthew. Trust and believe that no one from the Knowles family wants to have a discussion with you – not even Matthew because he is somewhere with his NEW wife. Men know that they can’t turn whores into housewives. I pray that you have learned your lesson. Yes, Matthew was wrong but men wouldn’t cheat if women like you didn’t have their legs open. Both parties were wrong but I strongly think that women should respect another woman by NOT sleeping with her husband. Guess what, you have now planted to seed for this to be done to you. When you decide to get married just know that what goes around – comes around. Yes, God will forgive you (if you ask Him) but there are still consequences, forgiveness doesn’t make the consequences null and void.

  21. It’s one thing to cheat with someone husband which is a low life experience alone.. But to sleep with someone husband and have the damn nerve to give birth to a child that’s another story altogether. Don’t sleep with married men and certainly don’t have their children. I believe in forgiveness but women need to stop with their nonsense… Everyone believes he’s the main monster in this whole scheme of things which is true but he can’t do nothing someone doesn’t permit him to do.. Lock it up ladies, there’s lots of single men out here.

  22. To the mistress I am not going to condemn. This. OPEN letter should have begun by writing this statement. Dear God please forgive me for my sins and tressgrssions against my sister Tina Knowles.

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