Lamar Odom’s Dad Says that the Kardashians are to Blame for His Drug Use

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The only thing worse than having a bad marriage is to have your parents think that they are in the marriage too.  Lamar Odom and his wife Khloe Kardashian are getting it from both sides. Mama Kardashian is one of the biggest boss-like women in the world and Lamar’s father seems to think that there is always an excuse for the reason that his son runs away from his family on crack cocaine binges.  Maybe it would be best for all of them to just butt out and let this couple get their lives together.   But what do we know?  Read more: 

Lamar Odom’s dad, Joe Odom, is finally speaking up about his son’s very public drug problem and he blames the Kardashians for Lamar’s hardships. Meanwhile, Lamar took to Twitter to put the blame right back on his father for being absent in his life and having his own substance abuse issues.

Everyone has been hoping that Lamar Odom would get the help he needs with his drug abuse problem, but it seems like he’s only getting more drama to deal with.

While the media painted a picture of Khloe Kardashian only wanting to help Lamar with his problem, Lamar’s father is painting quite the conflicting portrait.

Joe claims that the Kardashian Klan doesn’t care about his son and they’ve even “cursed” his NBA career.



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  1. He should have just stuck to what got him where he is right now in the first place And thats basketball. The Kardasians is in a world by themselves and once you enter that world your once private life is over. You belong to the public now

  2. They dont smoke "Crack." Just Lamar Odom & his Daddy. #careerover

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