Khloe Kardashian Tells Lamar Odom that He’s Not Welcome Home without Rehab

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TMZ has been reporting that all is not well in the home of Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian.  Their sources are starting that Khloe gave Lamar an ultimatum, telling him that he can either get help or get lost.   Their marriage is allegedly falling apart, and there are rumors that Lamar has a crack cocaine habit that he can’t quite seem to kick.

Odom looked super thin after being found at a nearby hotel.  He broke down and cried when he saw his wife for the first time in days.

“He broke down, literally broke down in tears when he was with her yesterday,” one source close to the family said. “He has more shame than anything. Khloe held him and she cried too. It’s a sob fest.”

“He’s ashamed of himself and feels like he’s let a lot of people down,” the source added.

What would you do?  Would you stand by your man and try to get him clean or tell him to get out for good?

via Lamar Odom, Khloe Kardashian Have Tearful Reunion as He Moves Back Home – Atlanta Black Star.


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  1. Stand by through thick and thin

  2. Lamar is acting like his dad,the one person he claims he
    Doesn't want to be like,but if he's not being physically
    Abusive.. Then I feel like khloe should stand by him

  3. Stand by my/your man!! Marriage is a commitment & the was nothing in the vows that says that it would be easy. Its sure wasn't for me & a lot others I know. Love him, pray for him & yourself, for strength, kindness, & understanding. HE is already working patience in Khloe. She needs to make sure she's done all she can to help Lamar. Including therapy for him, couples therapy & some type of faith based counseling. Most of all, TIME for them BOTH to HEAL. It's a lot of different components to this. Other factors you can include because we are on the outside looking in….. if he just flat out refuses, just my OPINION, I would then separate, after a lil bit of time apart, STILL refuse, D-I-V-O-R-C-E him with the quickness

  4. Stay eith him cause he needs her now more than ever

  5. I believe that when ur married u should stick it out!! Like the verse says THROUGH SICKNESS & HEALTH TILL DEATH DO US PART!! That is a promise that unmade before GOD!! Don't leave him

  6. I would support him from afar, but no crack head can live in my home! They can not be trusted. He needs to check himself into rehab…quickly!

  7. I really don't believe the drug rumors. I think it's something the mom "Kris", put out to get back at him for cheating on her daughter. I never put anything past a mother that leaks her on daughters sex tape.

  8. Idk I know love is a beautiful thing,thick and then but I've been around an addict before and when it comes to crack/ meth/& or heroine it's like a lost cause they've found a new love and it isn't you. And it definitely depends on how long they been in love with their new found love. Yes I'd have to let that one go… You never win forcing them to get help they have to want to help themselves.

  9. Ultimatums are good for some people,i know it was good for me,it saved my life,if you really love the person thats giving you the ultimatum then your going to choose whats right,I’ve been clean for 26yrs. and never looked back though im no longer with my first wife who gave me the ultimatum,but I thank God and her for the choice I had to make.
    Lets just pray for Lamar that he makes the correct choice so he can save his life from this disease that is very insidious.
    Rooting for you Lamar,One Day At A Time!!!

  10. Stick with her husband thru it ALL. Ppl don't believe in doing what's right, and doing the work to keep them together.

  11. Marriage is forever

  12. I would stay with the person that is on it and hopefully they can get help and get clean. Cause no marriage is worth ending over drugs if you can work through it together and then maybe some counciling.

  13. That Kardashian coochie appears to break brothers down like a double-barrel shotgun!!!! Homeboy can’t return to a home he’s paying the mortgage on w/o first going thru rehab??? Niger; Please!!!!

  14. Help him get clean……but there are rumors that she caught him and another woman at a hotel. So now I don’t know what to believe. Good luck with this khole.

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