Keyshia Cole’s Husband Appears to be Suicidal, but She’s Still Gonna Try to Make it Work

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What do you do if your marriage is falling apart, and your husband is on Twitter talking as if he wants to die?  Keyshia Cole and her husband, NBA player Daniel “Booby” Gibson are going through this right now. Booby was on Twitter talking about someone trying to rob him.  But surprisingly, he said that he actually wanted the robber to kill him, which made the man run off.

These comments, which are strangely all too public, were made right as the couple was going through marital problems.



Keyshia struck back with comments of her own.  Her remarks were even stranger, with a re-tweet about not giving so much of herself to people.  So, it looks like the two are going through some interesting times, and probably need a marriage counselor.




The couple is familiar with drama from the past.  At one point, Booby was wanted by police for attacking another man, allegedly for disrespecting his wife.  So, this is probably not going to be the last time that the two appear in the news and the way things are going right now in the world, they will probably end up with a reality show.   Healthy relationships seem to be going out of style.


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  1. Who writes these articles? Fact check… They already had a reality show on B.E.T. Yeesh. All their business was out there for the world to see.

  2. I honestly don't know why I continue to read the crap articles on this site. His tweet didn't appear to be all that suicidal to me. I thought it was testosterone posturing IMO. And how the hell do you tie in Keyshia's tweet with his and what's going on? Hell that same sentiment can probably be applied to half the population. This dumb shit writing is getting out of hand.

  3. A stankin hot mess….

  4. I hope things work out for them….

  5. P.S. They already have a reality show….

  6. This is where the “For better or worse, in sickness and in health” comes in. I know she remembers that part of her vows. Women these days are so weak when it comes to holding a marriage together. Watch her run like a scared rabbit, when she should be gathering strength from her mind and her soul to make sure her husband gets better. Come on Keisha, be a real woman and help your husband out of this bad spot.

  7. Keshia you may want to seek advice from the Elders not tweet hearts they mean good but your husband is hurting get the proper help to learn the reason he’s suffer. How you guys can fix what’s broken.

  8. I guess they were made for each other.

  9. This is “risky business” when you attempt to “make sure your mate gets better”. Sometimes these “sick” mates can turn on you and make you a part of their problem, and even times turn on you by including you in their suicide plans. A word of encouragement, a phone number to a professional, and a packed bag, may work out better for the mate who is healthy. One bad apple has a tendency to spoil the rest of the bunch, if you get what I mean.

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  11. Woh I love your articles, saved to favorites!

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