Jay Z, Rocawear Face Lawsuit for Alleged Copyright Violations

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Jay-Z has a lot of money, but that money brings more problems.  The cost of doing business can be steep when you are creating new ideas that aren’t entirely new.  The big target is being hit by a company called “Hood Love,” which claims that Jay took their name and made it his own.  The lawsuit is pending, but makes you wonder:  Is Jay-Z the victim of frivolous lawsuits, or does he have a problem with taking ideas and pretending that they are his own? 


While Jay Z was out partying last night at the Dream in Manhattan following the VMAs, his clothing company Rocawear was fighting a lawsuit against the New Jersey-based company, Hood Love.

Jay’s Roc Apparel Group was hit with the lawsuit after T-shirts from the label were created with the words “Hood Love” inscribed on them. Hood Love argues they have owned the trademark since 2006.

According to TMZ:

“Hood Love, LLC — a for-profit company dedicated to improving poverty stricken communities — filed the lawsuit against ROC Apparel Group earlier this month … over one specific shirt in the Rocawear line, which reads ‘HoodLove’ in giant letters.

“Hood Love says it’s owned the trademark since 2006 — and claims Jay’s company came along and started making a buck … confusing the public, and trading off their good name.”

Hood Love is suing for profits and demanding the T-shirts be removed from stores.



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  1. If its true that the Hood Love brand was already trademarked then JayZ will have to pay up. Copyright infringement happens all the time. Its a dog eat dog world. I went through my own little beef over my, One Man Army, Inc., clothing line against the US Army. You’ll have to read my book, The Courage To Believe, to get the details.

  2. That's all him and Beyonce do IS steal

  3. Delilah stop it we all say hood love it's where we grow up how we treat our people from our bloc or town who would put a trademark on it come on now really they should of picked a unique name not a statement

  4. That will never stand up in court

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