Woman Gets Evicted for Calling 911 after Boyfriend Stabs Her in the Neck

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In Norristown, Pensylvania, a disturbing incident took place that has nearly everyone on notice.  There is a law in the city, which is catching on around the nation, which states that if you call 911 too many times, your landlord can put you on the street.

Called the nuisance property ordinance, this law says that if you call police three times during a four month period, you can be evicted, no matter what the circumstances. So, if you’ve got an abusive ex-boyfriend or husband who keeps stalking you, that’s your problem, not the police, your landlord, or anyone else.

Lakisha Briggs has been mortified of her ex-boyfriend, who came after her when he was released from jail. The woman didn’t want the man in her home, and asked him to leave.  She had to call the police in order to protect her children, but was fearful of asking for help from the cops.

“If I called the police to get him out of my house, I’d get evicted,” Briggs said.

The woman was later stabbed in the neck with a broken ashtray after refusing to reach out for police help.  A neighbor called 911.  Right after this, her landlord told her and her kids to get out.

A sociologist at Harvard says “these laws threaten citizens’ fundamental right to call on the police for help.”

Authorities have the seemingly misguided belief that these laws actually protect landlords from dealing with tenants who like to break the law.  Officials in the city say that they warned the woman to get a protective order, but she did not.   They also hold her accountable for the fact that she’d called 911 on ten other occasions, but wasn’t physically injured.

The woman is taking the city to court.  It’s hard to root against her.


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  1. Only in America !!!!!

  2. If I have to get an order against u, ur on notice: I'll blow u away if u come near me…and the law will be on my side. So it depends how u handle urself afterward….

  3. Ppl don't realize a violated order is an automatic threat. Get ur permit right and start packing. U have the right to defend urself!

  4. What kind of garbage is this!

  5. Exactly!!! She wasn't scared, she was just mad


  7. The courts right on this 1….notice its a nuisance law…..in otherwrds, no drama. Y didnt she get restrain order, what happen all other times she cried wolf. Sorry nobody want that drama but ppl like her that want it, thrive on it & keep nonsense going.

  8. Amen….tell the truth or go live where ppl like trouble at

  9. Once again…this is the truth, she should go live were that acceptable, were ppl like that crazy stuff

  10. Wow I am appalled!

  11. That's just fucking crazy guess imma have to take matters in my own hands. Do what i can . So ima play greese ball

  12. What kind of law is that??? How dare they… 911 is built to help us in out time of need..would it have been better for them if she had died?? I know we pick who we get in a relationship with but the fact of the matter is we don't know how crazy a person can become when its over an done. I have seen it a hundred times. He also wasn't living in the home apparently. But to throw this woman an her children out is heartless an plain out fucking cruel an I hope she Sue the shit out of everybody because the call didn't come from her house it came from the neighbor!!!!


  14. I would have shot his tail and then told them to come get dead body out of my house.

  15. Wat the. Hell are the cops good for if there not gunna help someone who was attack also if her neighbor called. Them then she. Shouldnt be kicked out America. Needs to protect there americans instead o making more issue's. This women has kids and. A ex whom over powered her due to these laws she isnt gettin justice shess getin kicked into the streets

  16. As a property owner, I want no one or nothing in my property that will damage it, place me at civil risk or diminish it's value. This law if fair. It's unfortunate for those who live a drama filled existence. Let them buy their own property then they can get stabbed in the neck and no one can evict them.

  17. Exactly she put the man before her kids – they were in as much or more danger than she was – why did she let this man in – she called 911 ten times?? were her children there???? – her children were at risk but the almighty stick seems to have meant more for this woman – he could have killed, beaten, stolen and abducted those kids to control her – I would want her evicted too – I have kids and I don't want that type of man hanging around my building where my kids are. Either put him back in jail – lock and block or shut the heck up – I wish her well though I know some women aren't strong enough to leave

  18. and if he was staying there and not on the lease – she violated the lease. If he really wants to kill her he will so she better get a gun and learn how to use it –

  19. A protective order means not a damn thing when you’re laying
    There dead.

  20. Who sits on their arsses and allows these nasty dogs to pass these laws in the first place? You don't watch your government, these jerks get away with anything they want to pass as a law. Once the law is passed, it's like waiting for the GOP to fall in love with Obama trying to get it repealed. YOU are the only ones who can stop these unscrupulous laws from getting passed in the first place, PAY ATTENTION.

  21. Sorry to hear she got stabbed, but she saw the writing on the wall long time she ago, she could of get to hell out of that mess if she wanted to, we sometimes cause out own problems. I cannot deal with an abusive man, and I really don’t need one in my life to be happy.

  22. I'm trying to figure out home the man got into her home.

  23. Maybe someone should out the landlord and let public opinion have a go at him.

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  25. I feel bad for the sista but the landlord don’t want all that drama on his or her premises, landlords don’t have time to be dealing with all that drama on their premises. She shouldnt have let the nucca in in the first place and why did she call 911 ten other times? I woulda put her azz out too.

  26. I'm so confused about a city passing a law like that to protect the landlords. Also , the victim of the stabbing refusing to get a protective order. Sometimes, women won't get protective orders because ex-boyfriends and husbands sometimes return to hurt u.

  27. Ik that's rite I been there before

  28. This is so crazy. Maybe she was afraid to get an order of protection. Some abusers get increasingly hostile when they feel like you've involved someone of authority. This is ridiculous!

  29. Living in PA, I can tell you that since it is a commonwealth, the laws here BITE. I can't say that I agree with how this state is run. However, that woman should have never let that man back in her home, especially after she knew he was abusive. You have to follow through with PFA's, so you HAVE legal recourse if an asshole won't stop stalking you. I'm not agreeing with the landlord but I also know there are two sides to a story, and then there is the truth. Hope she has learned her lesson and left that lunatic alone.

  30. This is happening to many women nowadays and is ridiculous and unfair. A person that wishes to bring harm to your life and doesn't care will constantly pray on you especially when that person has nothing to lose and the person being abuse has everything to lose. There are men out there who are envious of what their woman has even if it's the love of her children and will do whatever it takes to ruin her life. It's crazy that women have to be limited to the amount of help she may need. Some abuse is a method of torture that doesn't always consist of every incident showing any physical violence to the individual being attacked but threatened the physical act of violence.


  32. true!

  33. That's her own fault that she didn't file a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend and brought it own herself with kids.

  34. You're right, there's more to this story than the "headlines", this woman SHOULD'VE filed for an order of protection against this guy and filed charges if he broke it, and btw, WHY did she LET HIM BACK IN after numerous times ????? She set herself up after she was told about excessive 911 calls to the police and NEVER filed charges against him….go figure!

  35. Th nuisance property ordinance sounds ridiculous and racist. I just curious to know whether this same "law" is in more affluent communities.

  36. Protection orders don't protect anyone. If someone calls 911 and it's not an emergency then they should be charged. But we can't have people afraid to call for help if it's needed. So if I have 3 true emergencies and call 911 I'm out. Wow

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