O.J. Simpson’s Florida Home To Be Sold At Foreclosure Auction

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If you go back to the year 1991, OJ Simpson and Mike Tyson were at the top of the world.  Now, their journeys appear to be coming to sad endings.  Both of them are old, sick and nearly broke.  OJ is getting his house auctioned, but he’s probably not thinking about that right now.  Instead, he’s probably wondering where his life and freedom went.  He’s in prison right now, and may not get out before he’s dead.  Also, those legal fees are probably piling up. It’s not turning out so good for OJ. 

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The Florida property O.J. Simpson called home for almost a decade prior to being sent to prison in Nevada is going up for auction.

Two years after JP Morgan Chase filed to foreclose on the house, a Miami-Dade County judge has signed off on a motion for summary judgment, reports Gossip Extra.

The bank will take possession of the disgraced sports star’s house on Tuesday.  It has set October 29 as the auction date.

Simpson remains behind bars on armed robbery and kidnapping charges following a botched attempt in 2007 to get back some of his most valuable sports memorabilia from collectors whom he met with in a Vegas hotel room.




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  1. Whether Mr. Simpson had anything to do with the murders he was acquitted of is unknown to most. Although many claim to know that he is guilty, no one showed up in court with absolute evidence. It is clear that the sentence he is serving is in retaliation for being acquitted. The whole trial was a sham. Unfortunately, Mr. Simpson did not realize, (as is true of many young black athletes and entertainers) that in America they system is designed to keep them as the underdog. One toe out of line and one can expect the Ashkenazim backlash. The Ashkenazim are the rulers of this world. He should have know better.

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