Looters Destroy Detroit Gas Station [Video]

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A surveillance camera caught bold looters destroying a Detroit gas station, according Fox 2 Detroit.

Due to the brazen nature of the attacks, the owner is considering closing the store for good. He asked not to be identified for fear of lootingretaliatory attacks by the looters.

“The city ain’t the same anymore,” he says. “The young, ignorant generation is moving business owners and the good citizens of Detroit out of the city.”

The incident took place at around 12:30am on Sunday and the entire melee was caught on camera. According to a store worker, a man became violent after he was asked to leave the store. The man banged on the bullet-proof glass and then began tearing apart the store. That’s when other people in the store began giving themselves a five finger discount, and snatching whatever they wanted. One shopper was actually seen leaving the store and coming back to steal more.

“What’s running through your mind as this is happening?” Fox 2 news asked the manager about the incident.


“This is the City of Detroit,” he answered.

The manager says he’s not surprised by what’s happening in the city and that this is sort of a new “normal” for the city.

Even after the looting, the raucous continued outside, with one man trying to throw a brick through the front door. Slow response times by the police have increased criminality in the city.

Watch the video here.






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