LeBron James Donates Big to His High School Alma Mater

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Reported By: Britt L

Miami Heat forward and king of the court, Lebron James, vowed to stay true to his Ohio roots. He also promised to give back to his community in the biggest way possible. What’s bigger than buying a whole football team Nike uniforms?

The basketball star has been shedding some crazy cash on his high school alma mater, St. Vincent-St. Mary High School in Akron, Ohio. Earlier this year, he donated his former high school a $1 million dollar renovation of their gymnasium that is now in the works of being built. Just last September, James promised to clothe every athletic team at his beloved high school with brand new Nike uniforms. Much like the gym, James came through for a second time.

At a LeBron James Family Foundation’s “I Promised” campaign event Saturday, James unveiled a brand new football uniform in a surprise fashion show.

James stomped proudly onto his old football field, sporting the modified Fighting Irish’s football uniform. The new and improved design features an all-black jersey with a green number on the front. A matching black matte helmet with a green and gold leprechaun adds a final touch to the uniform. A Nike check symbol on the collar bone of the jersey guaranteed authenticity.

“It is awesome, man, to be able to go back, ” James said in an interview with Ohio.com. “I didn’t have a college. This is my college atmosphere. I have fun with all kids, and to be in a position to give back, it means everything.”

LeBron has recently been coming into his own as a philanthropist. However, James suggests that his decision to give back to the community is not an act of philanthropy.

“I don’t really put a title on it,” says James in the interview. “I do it because I have a passion. I do it because I want to do it. It’s not because someone came to me and said, ‘You should do this because you owe it to them.’ It’s something that was instilled in me to give back. This is my city, there’s 190,000 of us. For me to be one of the few to make it, it wasn’t hard at all.”

While attending St. Vincent-St. Mary, James was one of the most celebrated athletes from his school. James lead his basketball team to three Ohio state championships for four seasons straight and was an all-state wide receiver.



A Student on the football team expressed his gratitude in a tweet as he watched LeBron model his uniform.

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