Kim and Kanye Aren’t Interested in Taking Millions for First Pics of their New Baby

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Kim and Kanye aren’t ready for people to see their new baby until they decide it’s going to happen.  The couple is turning down millions of dollars for the pictures, and haven’t given an indication of when they are going to let them go.

Amounts as high as $3 million have been offered for the first photos, but they aren’t interested.   Their child, named North West, is the hottest family addition since Blue Ivy Carter and the couple has been tempted, but uninterested in taking the money.  They may either do a high-end photo spread, or not do anything at all.  Since Jay-Z and Beyonce did the latter, it appears that this might be the way they will go.  Everyone wants to keep up with the Carters.

If we were taking bets we’d put our money on Kimye taking the Tom and Katie route with a spread in a fancy magazine. Though Kardashian has done an incredible job of staying out of the spotlight since she gave birth two months ago, it’s simply not her style to choose what might be better for her personal life over her business and her brand. And given all the the stunts and fake out photos of North West we’ve seen in recent weeks, we can’t help but feel like Kimye has some sort of grand debut in the works to introduce their offspring to the planet.



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  1. cute

  2. Good for them. One less attention whore in that family.

  3. They already have on Kim’s moms show. Kanye west was a guest on her show and then they presented a pic of north west

  4. Cute baby..stupid name

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