Kamara Taylor: What Did Brown Vs. Board of Education Really Do For Black Children?

brown vs board of edu

By: Kamara Taylor

The Economic Resurrection of Brown v. Board of Education

The idea that the legislative landmark of Brown v. Board helped to end school segregation can be looked at as another ploy to manipulate minds into the old Negro way of thinking.  Theoretically, schools were integrated as Blacks were allowed to attend school with White counterparts.  But economic disparities quickly changed this form of integration.

The idea that segregation in schools does not exist is a myth.  In Chicago, students are traditionally placed in neighborhood schools as school districts are solely based on where students live.  Growing up as a Chicago Public School student, individuals in the school looked like me due to our race, ethnic and socio cultural similarities. If a parent with limited resources wanted to take their child from a failing community school and place them in a school with better resources, that parent could be arrested.  Where is the equality and integration in that? The landmark decision of Brown v. Board only pacified Blacks because that policy was not fully implemented from policy to action.

In theory, race was placed on the back burner and economics was used to further subjugate Blacks to segregation in our educational system.  Opponents will argue that this does not apply at the collegiate level.  However, due to the lack of educational integration at primary grade levels, few minorities are educationally equipped to perform at the same level as their counterparts.  Because of this, Blacks remain limited in diversity and academics.  Opposed to just protesting and marching against the massive amount of school closures that are harming our children, let us also be mindful of the fact that Brown v. Board continues to exist and economics have overpowered race in keeping our educational system segregated. This is a little educational food for thought. 


Kamara Taylor

Masters of Art Political Science
Phd candidate Cognitive and Instructional Psychology

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