Ignorant and Sick: Rapper Juicy J Offers “Twerking Scholarships”

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Just when you thought that black women couldn’t be disrespected anymore, something like this happens.  The rapper Juicy J out of Three 6 Mafia is showing that he needs to get with reality and understand that black women are not asking to be disrespected by rappers.   According to HipHopDX , Juicy J tweeted that he would be “giving out a 50k scholarships to the best chick that can twerk.”

Apparently, he realized quickly that people would find this ignorant tweet to be offensive, so he took it down.  It’s either that, or he’s one of those rappers who pretends to be rich, when he’s really struggling to pull together $50,000.  But maybe someone can explain to him that women are good for more than twerking.

On August 27th, the Three 6 Mafia rapper will release a new album, Stay Trippy (which includes a track with A$AP Rocky called “Scholarship”), marking his first solo effort on a major label. You can unlock and stream the record now by tossing virtual stacks at virtual strippers in the ridiculous game “Stay Strippy” over at TheJuicyJ.com.
Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/juicy-j-offers-then-revokes-50-000-twerk-scholarship-20130822#ixzz2ckhg21iF 


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  1. Juicy J ain't got 50 racks to just throw out. He better sit down and shut up!

  2. Boycott that fool….before he starts another 'trend'…

  3. Boycott that fool….before he starts another 'trend'…

  4. Ill twerk for that 50k I feel no disrespect at all why cuz im a fulltime student completing my BSW @ GVSU! Got a husband and four kids! Oh I kill the club every time I get the chance! Iwon the BACK THAT ASS UP CONTEST wit CMB! I love to dance not too many can even touch my dancing skills so Hit Me Up!

  5. There will be some that will fall for this and have no RESPECT for themselves like HE doesn't give a flying rats about you! This is what it takes for a scholarship these days to get through school SAD! Know that if you do this you will fall for anything…..GET SOME RESPECT ABOUT YOURSELF!

  6. I wouldn't be surprised if those who really hate Black Us didn't covertly fund his boast, since maintaining Our Black Low Self Opinion (and most who suffer from Low Self Opinion SWEAR they have HIGH Self-Regard – but? Using one's body to gain attention says You have nothing that is trully unique [we've all got beeeehinds] – You have nothing You believe will earn the same sense of worth….) – since maintaining Our Black Low Self Opinion fuels Black on Black crime and general community devastation, which then fills up The New Slavery Private Prisons that are one of the few growth industries in the entire Unentitled Snakkkes of Amurderkkka?

    Given all that, don't let Us be surprised if Juicy J is suddenly FLUSH with cash for a certain 'My Rear End Is More Special Than My Mind' young lady that contributes this culture that takes everyone down the drain… smh.

  7. Dear Beautiful Beloved, if there is no other endeavor that can give you the same sense of achievement as twerking, while leaving your body for only the truly worthy of its power, as the Sacred Temple it was created to be? Common fools shouldn't be drooling over you! A blind man can't tell the difference between sand and diamonds….If your greatest high in life can be eclipsed by displaying a feature that billions of women have?

    Than you're going to need far more than your degree. You, Dear Daughter of The Most High? You are not a cow. You are the First Born of Theeeee GOD. I doubt He would approve and/or attempt twerking Himself….

  8. Then you, young lady, are a complete moron. SMH….

  9. If your dancing skills aren't to be touched then perhaps you could become a PROFESSIONAL dancer and I don't mean POLE dancer. You've got 4 kids, not a prize example to set for them. IJS

  10. He could cough up 50k easy.. You were kidding right?

  11. With that logic, hopefully you don't home school your kids. Smdh

  12. Women are direspecting their selves . I go on fb and see twerk videos all the time. Women strip to get through college . The sad and disrespectful part is home many videos he probably got. Smh

  13. funny how this is disrespectful when all you have to do I not participate. he's not asking to have a d! ck sucking contest its a dance contest. if you have that much of a problem with it why don't you put your money up to give any type of scholarship for whatever you like since all you have to contribute are opinions and suggestions….. everybody always have something to say but never anything to contribute.

  14. As educated as I am Id be dropping it like its luke warm. as a young girl you don't get that much for paradeing in your underware at the Ms. Florida pagent. I say.I go Juicy J for possible changing a life,.

  15. and 4 FREE….SAD

  16. Juicy J is a real hustler(not saying in good or bad way but he is)…if you think he only making money from music you need to do your research

  17. Juicy J is a real hustler(not saying in good or bad way but he is)…if you think he only making money from music you need to do your research

  18. Serious question……What's the difference from getting a sports scholarship…they get those because of athletic ability and sorry to say it but you have to have some sort of athletic ability to be able to "twerk" On top of that how is this disrespecting women when its only a DANCE COMPETITION in its simplest form, plus I can easily get on facebook and youtube and see at least 50 "twerk" videos and these chicks is doing it for FREE….at least he willing to pay 50,000 for someone to continue their post secondary education and make something of them selves….that is if this story is actually true. I may not be one of those cats to be sitting up in a titty bar paying someones rent but I respect those chicks just the same especially if their using stripping to further their dreams and goals positively. No disrespect but this article is reaching.

  19. exactly, Im sure the female that wins the scholarship will be forever thankful and the kicker is what if she used it for something like med school or law or somthing thats going to get her 6 figures with out taking her clothes off or singing or acting or professional sports

  20. What husband is ok with his wife shaking her a$$ for whoever is in the club to see it?! Sounds more like a pimp than a partner… Besides, with 4 kids, a husband & being a full time student, WHERE do you find the time to back it up, twerk it OR drop it like its hot??

  21. Thank you. If there were no takers then we could talk. But we all know……

  22. I ain't mad at him AT ALL….cuz ONE dumb jack@$$ said something doesn't mean that everyone should rush out and start making videos….no it's called SELF RESPECT and SELF ESTEEM if they don't have any for themselves why should he have any for them? If someone spits on the floor and you purposely walk into it, it's really NOT their fault. Am I saying what he's doing is right? NO! But where does accountability come into play?

  23. why can't he offer a scholarship to a young lady for grades, why does she have to bounce her ass for the money? Black men and women have to have more respect for each other, there was a time a man would stand up for a woman now I see videos of men punching women and all the other men stand around laugh and call the woman a bitch. Our parents, grandparents, siblings and others died so you could say what you want, do what you want, vote go to a good school and this is how we thank them. Pretty sad if you ask me (and yeah, I know you didn't)!

  24. Girl… what kind of scholarship you received for school…”Twerking Girl” My next one will be “Sucking”. If you walk through one door of foolishness you will walk through another one. Get a job and pay your own way through college, if it ain’t nothing but working at McDonalds, Burger king, or wherever. I bet the end results will be great and when all is said and done that’s an accomplishment a young Lady will be proud of because number 1 she did it on her own and number 2 she did it with great pride, and last but never least she did it with respect for herself. This ain’t nothing but the devil presenting another epic fail for us beautiful black women another name tag added to all the others we have been labeled with. One thing about this and two things for sure we will be called a lot of things in life, but it ain’t about what we’re called, it’s what we answer to.

  25. I love (hate) the way the article pretends to dis him while puttung in a big plug for his "latest effort" including website, links and instructions for downloading. This is why black ppl get no respect and show that too many have no respect for their own selves.

  26. Funny how the winner of this contest was the only chick who read the rules that stated "No Twerking was Necessary" to win. This article was a perfect example of what Tariq Nasheed calls "Fake Nigga Outrage"….

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