Former Baseball Superstar Dwight Gooden Evicted From Mansion

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Dwight Gooden used to be THE MAN.  He was one of the greatest pitchers of all time and loved all over the world.  Then, a series of drug problems led to financial issues for the player, and he became a curse to everyone around him.    Domestic violence was the cause of this breakdown, and it’s hard not to believe that substance abuse wasn’t also involved.  Either way, it’s a sad situation for the man who was once the King of New York. 

Maybe one day, people will realize that drugs are no good and lead to nothing positive in life.  Will people ever get this message or keep on messing up?  TMZ tells more: 

More problems for Doc Gooden — the troubled ex-MLB star has just been evicted from the NJ mansion he was renting after allegedly stiffing his landlord for months … TMZ has learned.

What makes the situation even sadder … Dwight’s estranged wife was living in the home with their 2 young kids — who were all forced to leave in July, when officials enforced the eviction.

According to court docs, obtained by TMZ, Dwight and his family moved in to the home back in September 2011 … and agreed to pay $4,500 per month in rent.

But things went south in March — when Dwight’s wife got a restraining order against the former NY Mets pitcher following a domestic dispute, forcing Doc to move out.

The homeowners claim Doc’s family stayed in the home all of March, April, May and June — but they never got a check from the Goodens for any of those months … and that adds up to some serious debt.



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  1. Money in the hands of a fool is money forfeited to the master.

  2. Money in the hands of a fool is money forfeited to the master.

  3. So true

  4. She should have left when they split. I would not have paid either. Yes get another place. Yes take care of your kids. Also he may have paid her 4500.00 and she never paid the rent. I no this. It happen to me. Not 4500 a month. But still.

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