Fantasia Goes In On Fan For Making Nasty Comments About Her Niece

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Over the years Fantasia has had her share of issues, but the one thing we can always count from the former American Idol to keep it real. So it should come as no surprise to anyone that when a fan decided to make rude comments about her niece on Instagram, Fantasia wasn’t having it. She gave the fan a bit of “shine” by calling her out and acknowledging the nasty remarks, but Fantasia also let the fan have a piece of her mind.

Fantasia goes off on a woman for talking about her niece.


From the post, we’re unable to discern what the fan said about Fantasia’s niece, but we can assume from Fantasia’s response that it had something to do with her clothes.

Here’s Fantasia’s first remark, where Fantasia tells the fan that whatever she’s going through is not her problem, and that she should basically keep her negative energy to herself.

fantasia pray

Then Fantasia goes tit for tat, calling out the woman for her own cheap clothes.


fantasia fight

Then Fantasia took it a step further and posted a picture from the insulting fan’s Instagram page, calling her out for targeting children in her rude remarks.

On the one hand, one has to wonder if it’s ever a good thing for a fan to allow themselves to be pulled into an argument with a troll, but on the other hand, Fantasia was defending a young person. What do you think? Should Fantasia have ignored the rude remark and moved on or was she right to let the fan have it.


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  1. RIGHT!!!

  2. If they were talking about me, I would give no response. But, if they were making derogatory remarks about my kids? Yeah, I would have gone HAM too.

  3. It goes both ways and that's for anybody famous or nonfamous..you just have to pick and choose your battle and Sometimes you do have to ignore foolish stuff but sometimes you do have to address some issue at hand and with all the negativity these famous people get on a Regular Pleaseeeeeeeeeee Fantasia did good…All of us have lash out before we are human..

  4. All that was said was the outfit was not cute she just plyn victim cuz all that she did n said was no need … Smh she should have better things to do like replyn to her fans but she dnt ppl say she cant read how she was with someone husband but she relpy to that outfit not cute … Smh she needs to finish growing up some her self

  5. Her first response was good and classy enough, but she had to go and mess that up with the second comment bout how much her niece clothes cost… I feel where she was coming from but the high price of clothing don't make your character or personality of high quality…

  6. She did the right thing you don't talk about someone's child.

  7. She did the right thing, because you don't talk about a child or make derogatory statements either, that hurts a child's feelings mentally and emotionally.

  8. people need to mind their own business,i don’t care how rich are poor you are, get a life and stop being so invious of others,fantasia is a good person,and she can read and write she did go back to school,i love all her music and I have nothing bad to say about her she is a young female and is doing nothing wrong.this married man was in his own apartment,his xwife just wanted money ,atlease he did get his devoice some women mass with married men are men with relationships and care less than a damn.so I feel she has done nothing wrong just living her life,and still a child of god he love us all regardless of what flose we have.lol be real and stop hating and leave her kids out of this .

  9. you are an ass i will defend all 26 of my nieces and nephews that woman had no right saying anything about a kid period. that's the problems with us today as people, the adults don't be there for the kids and don't take care of them the way they are supposed to, which leads the kids to try to defend for themselves or each other and they have no manners for anyone. so you tell me which way would you prefer it to happen.

  10. Celebrities are in a position where they must monitor their public response because their income depends on it, along with a lifelong reputation that'll remain well after their fame has possibly eclipsed. BUT?

    Yo. Sometimes you just gotta let the REAL STOOPID FOLKS KNOW, MOMMIE DON'T PLAY THAT… Good for you, Sister Fantasia. I know your niece is so proud!

  11. We as women should respect ourselves at all times, if you don't want negative comments don't put yourself out there. No its not right for adults to talk about children or anyone for that matter, but people let's be realistic we live in a cruel world were we are being judge everyday It's say in the Bible only God does the judging, but how many of us respect the word of God

  12. People hide behind Facebook! Fantasia is absolute right there is power in your tongue! You also can see how much of an a** people can be! If it's a fan page and you are not a fan why comment.. Its just common sense! Insulting children shows you ignorance, take several seats!!!

  13. I believe Fantasia should have came to the child defense like she did in the first tweet, but the second tweet, she should have left it alone. Fantasia started out as the bigger person and then drop down on the ignorance of that person. Nothing good comes from anyone downing a child. I just believe Fantasia should have just left it at the first comment, blocked the female and kept it moving. Misery loves company

  14. 1st Fantasia is right to come to the aid of any child. 2nd you can't tell someone how to fight you back! If you smack someone you can't say they're wrong for instead of ( smacking )you back they( punched. ) be for real!

  15. I'm not mad at her second comment it was not about the amount it was about the lack of class and common sense of the adult….. So many of put children have to defend themselves against adults its sad, we don't know what her niece had been through so to jump on a social media site and talk about a child makes you look like an ass.

  16. *our*

  17. I think she did whatever a mother in her shoes would do.
    But I would had stopped after that. She kept going, but I still

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