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August 3, 2013

Josh Marks gets dropped by sponsors following violent incident.

Sponsors Drop Self-Proclaimed ‘God’ Reality Show Finalist

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Reported by Malcolm Morrow MasterChef finalist Josh Marks was recently arrested in Chicago after having a violent altercation with police officers at the University of Chicago before claiming he had been possessed by Gordon Ramsay and was transformed into God. The fallout behind the arrest has resulted in many sponsors dropping Marks quickly and without remorse as a spokesperson. TheBraiser.com reports the Make A Sound Project has dropped Marks as an official spokesperson “effective…

Fox's new show titled "Dads" is being roasted before it airs.

Fox’s New “Dads” Sitcom Gets Slammed Before It Airs

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Reported by Malcolm Morrow Fox’s latest sitcom “Dads” has gotten extremely negative reviews from critics just months before the show is set to premiere on the network. The show stars Seth Green and Giovanni Ribsi as a pair of video game developers whose fathers move in with them unexpectedly and bring their politically incorrect mindset into their lives. Their fathers will be played by Martin Mull and Peter Riegert. Critics…

Kayla Henriques was sentenced to fifteen years in prison

Woman Sentenced to 15 Years For Murder Involving Facebook Fight

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Reported by Malcolm Morrow Kayla Henriques, 20, was sentenced to fifteen years in prison for manslaughter for the murder of her boyfriend’s sister, Kamisha Richards, 22, during an altercation in February 2011. The fight stemmed from borrowed money. Richards loaned Henriques $20 to purchase diapers and other supplies for her son, who was one years old at the time. Instead of purchasing the aforementioned items, Henriques decided to spend the…