Snitching on Yourself: Rapper Raps About Killing Somebody and then Becomes a Murder Suspect

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How do you know you’re not ready for prime time?  When you don’t realize that keeping it real can go wrong.  Who snitches on himself?

A local Virginia rapper, Antwain Steward a.k.a Twain Gotti, was recently arrested because of an alleged connection to a double homicide that occurred 6 years ago.  Making matters even sillier, police say that he actually rapped about his role in the homicide.

Virginia police made the arrest after discovering lyrics written by Steward that referred to the shootings of Brian Dean, 20, and Christopher Horton, 16, on May 10, 2007.

The police affidavit contains the lyrics in question were obtained following a court ordered search warrant:  Everybody saw when I [expletive] choked him. But nobody saw when I [expletive] smoked him, roped him, sharpened up the shank then I poked him…had me crackin up so I joked him, it is betweezy six feet ova, told ya [expletive] with my money I’ll roast ya

According to BlackYouthProject.com, “Witnesses at the time said that Horton and Steward had gotten into a fight before the shooting took place. Authorities allege that Horton and his visiting friend Dean were gunned down on the front porch of Horton’s house as a result of gang retaliation.”

Someone in the comments section referenced an episode of “Boondocks” in which rapper Thugnificent performed lyrics about an assault that he was involved in and was later arrested and the lyrics were used as the primary evidence. It’s funny how life can imitate art at times.

Steward maintains that he is innocent and had nothing to do with the deaths of the two young men. These updates can be found on his Twitter page which is still being updated regularly despite his current detainment.

What is your opinion on this rapper giving away the details of his crime in his lyrics?  Over the top?


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  1. Gloryhalistoopid!!!

  2. To Civilize the Savage is a Job in Hell but We Must Perform OUR Righteous Duty-W. Shabazz

  3. He could know the killer he may not be the killer

  4. Why use someones death to rapp about and make money…plus it's negative rapp anyway…enticing black on black crime….if he did it he's stupid for rapping about it….if he did not do it he's heartless to sing about it….and promotes black on black crime…just stupid…….

  5. Why use someones death to rapp about and make money…plus it's negative rapp anyway…enticing black on black crime….if he did it he's stupid for rapping about it….if he did not do it he's heartless to sing about it….and promotes black on black crime…just stupid…….

  6. one dumbass mf. if you did the deed why would you rat yourself out? for street cred? he's proud of himself. dumbass mf. even if he didn't do the deed…….. haven't heard the cut but I will bet the music is mediocre, especially if he wrote it. dumbass, punk ass mf. do some good with your position instead of perpetuating the evil.

  7. If he didn't know it he probably knows who did.

  8. He is dumb as fuck! I'm tired of black kids wanting to be rappers but can't read a lick!!! Stop all that there's more to than being a fucken rapper get real!

  9. Rap is hear say. Not considered legitimate evidence. If he says he was just joking they cannot convict. Also, if the victim was not white or a cop, police don't care. This is the source of Black on Black crime. Folks confess but the Criminal Injustice System doesn't convict. Lets see what happens here.

  10. These young people today think they bad, think they know it all. They’re the ones who are throwing themselves under the bus with their ignorance. They rob somebody then post it on FB. Like this young boy right here, gonna brag about how it killed somebody and make a song about it. Who does that? I hope when they get to jail they finally wake up & realize how dumb there were. I hope……..smdh!

  11. will he give himself stiches too ?
    only in the brain of a groid.
    He is his own muse. ( not that i expect any of you coon to understand what that sentence means.)
    the only sentence a black knows relates to a court room.
    bye 4 now moolies

  12. CB4 is no longer a funny Chris Rock movie… These fools are actually doing it…and…the sheep are buying it….! Can you say Rick Ross??

  13. Man, I really think this is a new low. What kind of person would "sing" about that!


  15. There are likely elements of his words of rap that fit the victims, like being stabbed…etc.

    To those who live the lifestyle rap music is art. To those who don’t but still rap gangsta, it’s a dream.

    either way, it is not good for our children.

  16. More proof of the White Mans God's curse on Black people. By means of social separation, financial isolation, education denial and practices destructive to the Black Family unit, the Black race is inundated with fools, bastards, imbeciles and morons.

  17. Silly guy

  18. Fuckin idiot

  19. About as bad as the L.A. gang member that murdered someone & tattooed the detailed crime scene on his chest! #idiots

  20. Sorry for the kids' deaths, but way he details is nothing like the actual details of the murder. Sadly, we glorify negativity in today's HipHop music, but that does not mean those are the determining factors in this case.

  21. His lyrics did NOT portray the events that lead up to these kids murder.So therefore it is irrelevant to the case…if he has a good lawyer he will beat this case with his eyes close…

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  23. Stupid is as Stupid does!..
    You know the rules keep ya mouth shut!

  24. DUMD ASS CLUCK!!!!!!!!! This is the kind of shit that make white folks say the shit that they say about us.


  26. yet white folks do worse check their history and conquests smh

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