“She Just Fell Out Of The Sky”: Woman Killed After Falling Off Of Roller Coaster Ride

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Visitors of the Six Flags Over Texas amusement park went hysterical after they witnessed a woman catapult off of a famous roller coaster ride Friday night.

The victim has not been identified yet by authorities. Officials say that the woman was riding the Texas Giant with her children.

“We heard her screaming. We were, like, ‘Did she just fall?'” Carmen Brown, a witness from the amusement park told Dallas News.

Strangely, Brown was behind the victim and someone she believed to be her son as they were loading into the roller coaster seats. Brown exclaimed that she was concerned that the victim was not correctly fastened in her seat.

Brown went on to explain that the park employee at the ride told the victim “as long as you hear it click, you’re fine.”

“Hers was the only one that went down once, and she didn’t feel safe. But they let her still get on the ride,” continued Brown.

Joshua Fleak who was on the ride with the victim Tweeted, “Just witnessed someone fly off of the Texas Giant two seats in front of me. Coaster turned and she was gone.”

The most frightening aspect of the incident was witnesses heard two children screaming for their mother.

In a simultaneous manner they screamed “Let us out. We need to go get her.”

The last witness to be interviewed was Kanisha Howell. She explained that the victim just “fell out of the cart and just fell out of the sky.”

The Texas Giant is the tallest steel-hybrid roller coaster in the world.  It was immediately shut down after the accident, although it took some time for workers to locate the woman’s body in the massive structure.  The ride is closed pending an investigation.

Six Flags spokesperson Sharon Parker issued a statement after the incident saying:

“We are deeply saddened to share that earlier this evening an adult woman died in the park while on the Texas Giant.  Park medical staff and local paramedics responded immediately.  Since the safety of our guests and employees is our number one priority, the ride has been closed pending further investigation.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends during this difficult time.”

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