Rihanna Partied Too Hard To Arrive To Work On Time

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By: Madam Prezident

Rihanna is having the time of her life. She is traveling all over the world performing a hand crafted gift from God. However; she’s not taking the business aspect of her tour seriously. She recently arrived 2 hours late to her latest concert in Berlin, but it didn’t stop there. Her fans were very impatient and let Rihanna know they were upset by her tardiness via twitter. While Rihanna fans were sending tweets for her to hurry, she was posting pics of her and her assistant with glasses of wine in their hand. I guess RiRi is a true Diva, or an unprofessional artist? -What do you think?

Rihanna was roughly 90 minutes late to her concert Saturday night, and after partying that night until well past 4 am, she showed up for Sunday night’s concert about two hours late, much to her fans’ dismay. Though scheduled to start at 8 pm, the concert “Began at 9:22 pm,” concertgoer Curdin Cavegn posted on Zurich’s Radio 24 Facebook page. And while many fans insisted it was worth the wait, Sabrina Jungmann wrote, “Many are better. I’m of the opinion that she was not sober. She decided to party like a world star and then sang like a street busker.

With full playback recording, she could have at least given some effort to the lip-synching. That was the first time I’ve ever left a concert before it ended. And for so much money. Unbelievable.”“Rihanna, wake up …” Paolo Broussard tweeted from the arena. “Where r u @rihanna?!” another fan, BelginA_ asked at 10:18 pm Swiss time. And as time passed, they got more insistent. “Where the hell is Rihanna?” @Lenzenhuber asked. “Ppl are waiting.” User @leslie0386 tweeted, “@rihanna get your fu**ing ass into [sic]the stage” around 10:25 pm Zurich time.



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  1. Yu pay the money to see a YOUNG diva perform yu
    get YOUNG diva outcome! It is what it is.

  2. JaDe Antoinette she didn't pull this crap on the west coast tho lol

  3. LOL!! Nope she was on time because she knew i was in the audience;)

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