Rapper Kris Kross Overdose Confirmed

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By: Madam Prezident

When I was growing up, alcohol or drugs wasn’t attractive to me, or my friends. As teens, we enjoyed skating, cursing when our parents weren’t around, playing sports, or even going to the movies, but we never had a desire to get high. I’m not sure why people  who are financially stable and have access to all kinds of resources would spend their time under the influence. This is a very sad story, but most of all-I hope somone who does rely on drugs as a dependent, come to their senses and free themselves of the poison before it’s too late. 

As reported by usatoday.com:

“ A toxicology screening done by the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s office after the 34-year-old Kelly was found unresponsive in his Atlanta home on May 1 revealed that Kelly had drugs in his system. Paramedics were unable to resuscitate him and he was later pronounced dead at a local hospital.

The office’s Betty Honey said she did not know the specific drugs Kelly had used before his death. His mother told police at the scene that her son had taken cocaine and heroin the night before he died and he had a history of drug abuse.”




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  1. Well, duh! He was a known addict and known rarely to be sober so it's fitting he would have drugs as a cause of death if not in his system when he died.

  2. Who are we to judge . We all have some demons that we fight on a.day to day basis. Whether it's drugs or what ever the case maybe. We just.have to stay prayed up.
    R.I.P Chris

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