Omarosa’s Mama Slapped Claudia Jordan At The BET Awards

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By: Madam Prezident

It seems as if Omarosa gets her craziness from her mama. Supposedly during the BET award Omarosa mother slapped Claudia Jordan who was forced to file a police report on Omarosa’s mother. I don’t know what’s wrong with black women, what’s the reason we can’t get along? When you reach a certain age, there is no reason to have any kind of physical fights. Period.  

According to TMZ, it just went down between (former) “Celebrity Apprentice” stars Omarosa, her mama and Claudia Jordan.

Claudia says Omarosa’s mother allegedly hit her in the face earlier today at the BET awards. She also says she’s filed a police report.

The alleged attack went down at L.A. Live while Claudia was walking the red carpet.

For those who know the history between Claudia Jordan and Omarosa, this bit of foolywang should comes as no surprise.

As we reported back in March, the two had a falling out after Michael Clarke Duncan’s funeral. Apparently, Omarosa didn’t like the fact that Claudia had posted a picture on Instagram from her fiancé Michael Clarke Duncan’s funaral as she laid him to rest. Claudia, however, feels that was a minor offense if it was one at all because the picture she posted was in tribute to the Green Mile actor.




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  1. these hoes…..smdh

  2. Omarosa is a toxic person.

  3. Blank Stare 0_0… Wtf?

  4. they need to grow up!

  5. Jail time will help her and mama dreariest . Oh and some just put a good azz whooping on them both.

  6. You can take them out of the ghetto, but you sure can't take the ghetto out of them.

  7. SO VERY, VERY SAD…………….

  8. I cannot believe that she had the nerve to slap Ms. Claudia. I would have slapped her back and still completed a police report. I don’t know who she thought she was. Ghetto!

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