Magazine Company Offers Kim & Kanye $3Million For A North West Photo

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By: Madam Prezident

Wow, sources are saying that an Australian magazine company offered Kim and Kanye 3 million dollars for a photo of North West. Kim and Kanye declined the offer. Supposedly, Kanyes is making it very clear that ‘North West’ isn’t America’s baby! I am with you on this one Mr. West. Your daughter is your’s sir-protect her, love her, and care for her. If a company offered you 3 million dollars for your child’s photo-would you approve? 

“Kanye’s been adamant about not having the baby on the show,” an insider tells Us Weekly. “He was serious when he said North isn’t America’s baby, so he may not do anything.”The rapper’s protective, paternal instincts move beyond just maintaining North’s image, however. West, 36, has been a doting father to his daughter, becoming a “super worrywart” over her and trying to stay by her side as much as possible.

“Kim told him it was good to get out!” a friend of the Yeezus rapper tells Us. “He couldn’t wait to get back. North is all they talk about.”



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  1. Kayne is right. North West (LOL) isn't America's baby, because frankly we wouldn't want America's baby to have been conceived by two egotistical narcissists.

  2. amazing how they would pay so much to see their baby.

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