Happy Times For Elmo: Judge Throws Out Sex Abuse Lawsuits Against Elmo Puppeteer Kevin Clash

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By: Madam Prezident

I’m sure it’s a delight for Kevin Clash to have several s*xual harassment cases thrown out the courtroom. It’s a shame that character assassination is so prominent among successful black men. The number of accused men messing with boys seems to be growing yearly.  I hope Mr. Kevin Clash can put this situation behind him, and if any children were harmed in this fiasco-I pray for their strength and the help of God. This man is married with children, so this entire accusation doesn’t just affect him, it affects his family as well. 

Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash got some welcome news when a judge dismissed three sex abuse lawsuits against him because his accusers had waited too long to sue.  Clash’s attorney, Michael Berger, said Clash, who was suspended and later resigned from Sesame Street after the first allegations surfaced in November, “can go about the business of reclaiming his personal life and his professional standing.”

All three of the accusers, now adult men, alleged they were seduced by Clash when they were underage teenagers. The first claim came from Sheldon Stephens, now 24, who said he had an “adult consensual relationship” in November 2012, but filed a lawsuit in March 2013. He said Clash threw a “crystal meth” (methamphetamine)  sex party for him in 2004, when he was 16. Clash admitted that he had a relationship between “two consenting adults” when Stephens first came forward, but he said the rest of Stephens’ story was a “false and defamatory allegation.”