George Zimmerman Pulled Over in Texas with a Gun in the Car

by / July 31, 2013 Black News, News 50 Comments

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If there were ever a state that might welcome a gun-totting man who is best-known for chasing down and killing a black teenager, that state might be Texas.  This is also a state that loves its guns and hates anyone who tries to take them away.

The media is reporting that Zimmerman was caught speeding through the state of Texas as recently as Sunday.  His family has been mum about his whereabouts, but he’s not hiding out in Florida.  Instead, George took himself to the southwest, and had a loaded gun with him as well.

When the officer saw that George had a gun, he asked him to put his gun into his glove compartment.  He also didn’t give Zimmerman a ticket, and just let him off with a warning.  He was pulled off in the small town of Forney.

When the officer asked Zimmerman where he was headed, he simply said, “No place in particular.”

“Just take it easy, go ahead and shut your glove compartment and don’t play with your firearm, ok?” the officer said according to inforney.com.

We doubt that Zimmerman will end up in Compton anytime soon.  Texas might be the best place for him to stay.


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  1. If he was speeding….why didn't he get a ticket! SMH

  2. Damn shame!!!!!!

  3. He hiding in Texas! Bastard Be Dead!

  4. Wow no ticket. He better be careful here in Texas, God will deal with him.

  5. That's his reward for getting away with the murder of a black boy! The officer probably have him high five.
    He got away with murder. . What's the need in a speeding ticket.

  6. did the police look to see was he following a young black man,, look out now,

  7. tHe committed another crime.Transport a fire arm over state line….He's heading to Peru via Mexico…Border patrol need to lock him up attempting escape route.

  8. His time is coming. … remember his not white his Hispanic. …. Yup Texas is a great place for him….. they will check him if he forgets what his race is….. Hahahahaha you are not a full breed… Yup he in the right place…..

  9. SMH

  10. I thought that to have a gun in a car the gun coound`nt be loaded the bullets had to be in another compatment?

  11. @Lisa..His mother is Peruvian…His daddy is White…The boy is White…And thats what he claims….Doesn't matter though…Whites who hate Black people are going to protect him…I'm chillin'…I know he is going to get his…and I pray its a White person who does it…Don't need any more of our people locked up or dead…

  12. It's been happening since 1619…what?

  13. The story will not end well for this child killer. He already knows he is on borrowed time!

  14. According to the cops in Sandford Fl last week George Z help pull some people from a burning car. This was total BS. This week he is caught speeding in Texas with a gun in his car. Well don’t believe everything you read or hear. If you look at the truck GZ was driving the license plate is covered. How many people do you know who are stopped by the cops and your license plate is covered. According to the article I read GZ asked the cop if he knew who he was. Therefore why would his license plate be covered. If he is so afraid why is he letting everyone aware of his travels. This guys luck is going to run out. He will continue to do stupid things and his ass will land in jail where he should have gone in the first.

  15. Not if you have a permit in Texas, You're allowed to wear a gun on your waist like the old West. Gun racks in the back of of pickups with guns.

  16. George Zimmerman is a baby killer! No body! I mean No body! likes a baby killer. He is done! He is a dead man walking. somebody going to get him.

  17. I live in Texas and as a black man and if that would have been me that got stop in Forney Tex for speeding that officer would given me a ticket and having a gun not in the glove compartment I would been lock up for that believed me.

  18. Isn’t it illegal to transport a gun across state lines- that gun has to be licensed in each state. Shouldn’t he have been arrested or at least the office needed to see his license for the firearm.

    • it is not illegal to carry a gun across state limits as long as you have the right type of carrying permit.

  19. Please get over Zimmerman! He is not worth the stress.

  20. GANGBANGERS ENOUGH IN TEXAS NUFF SAID GD ,VL,STONES,THEY WILL GETT HIM. STOP THAT B*TCHASS TALK. 4CH STYLE SOLID IN EVERY NATION. i don’t understand when somebody kill my daughter or son or mother or dad no remorse i will tell you straight up they gotta die.

  21. May be he was checking his green card.

  22. We do not want him out here in Texas or Louisiana, he gun happy, he need to head even further down south, Chile or Argentina somewhere

  23. Let’s take our energy and concentrate on getting these gun laws banished from state to state. As a mother and a grandmother no Parents wants to bury a child. In your own backyard concentrate on your governors, state and local legislatures, county commissioners, prosecutors, school boards, mayors, city councilmen and even the dog catcher. This is your own back yard. So get out there and be proactive. VOTE! We do not wish to bury our children/adults. Visit http://nldrecognition.wordpress.com. Read A Mother’s Worse Nightmare__MINDSET and Trouble Don’t Last Always__TM. The FACTS DOES MATTER and so DO OUR BLACK MEN! NLD MOM/cancer survivors

  24. Let face it this Cop knew who he was when he ran his Tags for Speeding, this in my opinion was a Celebrity Stop,so he could Brag to his Buddies at the Shop, Texas is and always have been as Racist as any State in the South.

  25. Folk say white, he says Hispanic. Now he's in Texas, with a gun, going "no place in particular"… I'm guessing given Texas' rich history of "racial objectivity" that claim is gonna shift back to the white he seems to identify with so well, esp being armed…

  26. I support the right to bear arms. It is essential to remaining free. Durring the civil rights era, leaders had only their guns to protect them beceause the police weren’t.

    I think it serves zimmerman right to have to run from a state that loves hispanics to a state that hates them. He may think he is white, but they will let him know otherwise quickly in texas. He better not get caught walking through the wrong neighboorhood, especially with his gun.

    I wonder how long he can go on living in guilt and fear.

  27. ” … Don’t play with your gun, okay?” What kind of way is that to talk to a stopped driver? And no speeding ticket? It seems that the way is going to be smoothed for this misfit all the way. Zimmerman asked the cop, “Do you recognize me from TV?” (!)
    He evidently is proud of himself. I’m trying not to lose my lunch.

    • Killerman in Texas? The stars are starting to align. Karma is a Biotch

  28. The police did not even ask George Zimmerman did he have a permit to carry his gun across state lines! Wow! No Black could have said he is traveling that way and tell the police he has an gun in his glove compartment. Race Matters, people…

  29. The police did not even ask George Zimmerman did he have a permit to carry his gun across state lines! Wow! No Black could have said he is traveling that way and tell the police he has an gun in his glove compartment. Race Matters, people…

  30. Zimmerman is NOT WHTE..as many Hispanic AREN'T especially in their own LAND are not considered WHITE but claim being WHITE once these HISPANICS land in AMERICA-PLEEZE ain't no body buying that ish but stupid PPL..especially those who aren't WORLD TRAVELLED… and looking at Zimmerman's mother and uncle BOTH could easily be considered AFRICAN AMERICANS. My Grand mother whose african american looks just like Zimm's mother..SO I would say that one of Zimmerman's maternal or paternal grand parents is an afro-peruvian MOST LIKELY..Zimmerman SAID he was Hispanic not WHITE he stated this himself,, and in my eyes he's a murdering Hispanic PUNK and JUSTICE will prevail as GOD is the AUTHOR and finisher for JUSTICE….

  31. I am thoroughly annoyed to hear that Zimmerman has not been shot yet.

  32. Damn , if he had been BLACK, that would not had happened , I use to live in MESQUITE right next to FORNEY TX.

  33. Personally, I think George should have been found guilty of at least Manslaughter. There was NO reason for him to be following Trayvon around like that. Not cool. He was told to back off and did not. The altercation and shooting could have been totally avoided had he backed off as told. To me, the spells at the very least reckless endangerment and/or negligence. And packing a GUN again 🙁 🙁 Hope he leaves people alone now!

  34. I agree one hundred percent

  35. This fat, beady eyed pig will definitely get his. Just hold on, it’s coming.

  36. People we are spending way to much time on Zimmerman, what is done is done! Get real, nothing you say or do will make a bit of difference.

    May I suggest you review an article in the Money News, intitled Americas Billionaires are dumping all stocks, and Economist know why.

    You can use any search engine.

    While you are being distracted and led by the nose by the new version of Al Sharpton, and believing everything the President says the rug is being pulled out from under all of us.

    We’re always the last to know most things and react negatively when we find out.

    So just take a moment review the article and do what you think is necessary in your personal life.


  38. Im with you on this one……

  39. Cuz he's white. Haven't you been in traffic court? All that you see are black, brown, and yellow and maybe a few poor white people.

  40. Following black people around and demanding that they explain themselves is straight out of the pages of slavery. It is demanding for passing papers. Until white people check their own people, it will continue. It really puts all white people in danger because should civil unrest occur, nobody is going to ask questions before they act.

  41. They knew he was coming, that’s why he was let off so easy! Texas is nothing more than the wild wild west of yesterday. Texas is a White mans Heaven and a Black mans hell! They rule their women in Texas by telling them what they can and cannot do with their bodies, as well as their minds. Rick Perry I do believe is as dumb as his boy Bush they are all living in the 20th Century! Would not set foot in the state!

  42. A “murderer” carrying a gun. . .that just does not sound right
    to me. . .he’s a murderer. . .convicted or not. . .he murdered
    an innocent child. That child had done nothing. . .just walking
    home. . .George decided he didn’t belong there. . .like a lot
    of them feel! Blacks just don’t belong “there”. . .wherever
    “there” is!

  43. Smh…damn shame..if it was a black person he would of went to jail..js..

  44. TX yeah he's definitely gonna get some drama handed to him, him dead and he doesn't even know it

  45. like I said let me know when he his serving jail time or 6 ft under.

  46. Ive been screaming that since the trail I agree with you 100% lynn magnuson


  48. please someone blow his head off

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