‘You Can Touch My Hair’ Black Hair Exhibit Encourages People To Feel Natural Hair

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What do you think about this?  An exhibit is allowing people to touch black women’s hair to see what it feels like.  So, this act that normally drives you insane and gets on your nerves to no end, is now part of an exhibit.  Hmmmmm.

They say that the exhibit is designed to explore the fascination that people have with black women’s hair.  Could be interesting.   By letting strangers touch their hair, it appears that people are better able to explore the minds of those who find black hair to be both beautiful and/or fascinating. 

The latest Curly Girl Revolution inspiring African American woman to embrace their natural hair textures. The trend has also left many people curious about the make up of the various hairstyle such as- the fro, twa, dreads, braids, curls, etc. This curiosity often times lead people to ask natural women of color- “Can I Touch Your Hair?”

Antonia Opiah, founder of Un’ruly, decided to take to the New York City’s streets and put the question to rest by extending an open invitation to any one passing by. She hosted an exhibition called “You Can Touch My Hair.” The Un’Ruly founder’s purpose for the event was to explore the fascination with black women’s hair. The exhibition featured a group of three woman all sporting different hair textures and styles, and they each allowed for complete strangers to run their hands through their beautiful tresses. And the passer-bys were not met with the usual reaction of being yelled at or having their hand slapped.


Read more about people’s experiences at the “You Can Touch My Hair” exhibition.

Just curious! Are you offended by Black natural hair being put on showcase?

Sommer Payne

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  1. People can do what they want but that is some Uncle Tom stuff.

  2. Something about this seems a little unsettling.God help us.

  3. This is also ridiculous! When will Madison Avenue cease and desist from such ridiculous xenophobic enterprises, with black women as the victim? Isn’t enough Black Carnal knowledge already “on exhibit”? Pleease! The total denigration of the black woman has no boundaries!


  5. I have tried to comment three times but this got me so angry, humiliated, and ashamed I cant say anything nice. Please read more black history, PLEASE!

    • Agree with your philosophy and love your pictures Omari. Hotep

  6. So add a little more stupidity under the title; "Stupid Things Some Black People Do".
    Ms Antonia Opiah comes across as foolish to me. But I have seen worse.

  7. This is just silly, stupid shit.

  8. I don't see anything wrong

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