Ludacris Gets Hit in the Head with a Bottle at a Night Club

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Isn’t Ludacris too old to be out there fighting?   He seemed proud of the fight he got into at a club, sending out tweets on the incident.  But we’re glad that everything turned out ok.  These things can sometimes end tragically.  Don’t go out there fighting too much Luda, we need you to be safe. 

Ludacris’ night out turned into a night of destruction after he allegedly got attacked at a bar in Atlanta on June 14.

Footage has surfaced of the rapper getting pummeled at the nightclub Privé after an unidentified assailant reportedly threw a bottle at him. According to Complex, a dozen or so bar-goers took part in the action as security tried to get everything under control. Once the situation was straightened out and the battle winded down, Luda emerged relatively unscathed.

And although Ludacris’ girlfriend Eudoxie was reportedly hit with a bottle during the brawl, that appears to be a big rumor.

Luda took to Twitter yesterday (June 15) to let his fans know that everything was OK and that no one was hurt,



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  1. this is som bs cuz when I make it big imma stay strap… huh no protection.

  2. this is what they mad the clubs.. talk that shit.. and niggas wonna know if you real!

  3. Someones girl probably said there go luda and he got jealous

  4. This is why I don’t club…

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