Lil Wayne Stomps and Walks on the American Flag in New Video

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The rapper Lil Wayne is finding himself in the middle of controversy, this time with the patriotic side of the American population.   Video and imagery has surfaced from Wayne’s “God Bless Amerika” music video that shows him stomping and walking on top of the American flag.

His lyrics show that Wayne has, possibly for good reason, become concerned about the direction of his country:

“My country ‘tis of thee/ sweet land of kill ‘em all and let ‘em die/ God bless Amerika/ This so godless Amerika … the stars on the flag are never shining,” he says in the song, which is featured on the “I Am Not a Human Being II” album.

But the American Legion is one of the groups that is irate with Wayne’s display of public protest.  He’ll probably also be the subject of a few clips on The O’Reilly Factor, a show that loves to discredit protestors without facing any of the issues they are protesting.

“It is the American flag that is draped across the coffins of our fallen heroes when they come back from war. In fact, any veteran can have a flag on their coffin. As such, it’s entitled to the highest respect,” said John Raughter, an American Legion spokesman.

“WHAT A DISGRACE!” a commenter said on the Internet.  Of course the Internet trolls are going to go after him.   But Wayne has a right to desecrate the flag if he wants to, since it’s protected under the First Amendment.   However, that doesn’t protect him from the backlash that is sure to come from some of his fans.

“Didn’t think I could like this dude less,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“WHAT A DISGRACE!” someone else said.



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  1. I'm not a fan, never been but he has a point.

    • sad

    • He didn't need to be disrespectful to prove his point. Especially because kids look up to him.

    • Kids should NOT be looking up to him, I understand the symbol of the flag but I don't necessarily find it disrespectful. I think we are conditioned to give too much reverence to flags and icons.

  2. Disgrace!

  3. Hats off to Wayne

  4. B4 u hate on him look at da facts 1st. From school to prison w all the public school closing war on drugs which is away to mass incarceration of black men 15% unemployment rate n more even da same music he used rap all da negative message

  5. It is protected free speech under the laws of the land. TEXAS v. JOHNSON is the case that enabled him to dance on the flag!

  6. i am no fan of lil wayne but, im not gonna disagree wit what he’s rappn about as far as this particular song,we r a hint and a half from being a communist country

  7. Controversy sells…this is nothing but a strategically planned publicity stunt to make millions off the attention he will now receive from the media. SMDH

  8. To all Lil Wayne fans on FB: your idol is an a**hole. When you desecrate the flag of the country that gives you the freedom to protest, you’re too stupid to understand you joined all enemies of this country who burn and stomp on the flag. You’re no better than the Taliban.

  9. ii commend him.
    know your rights and exercise them. this country was built on lies. and continues to run on lies.
    Yes, it may be considered as the highest form of respect for fallen soldiers, but what have they really been fighting for?
    don't beLIEve tht everything is what these good old states and politicians make it out to be.
    judge Wayne. But take a deeper look into this country immediately afterwards.

  10. Yeah, okay. I'm convinced that this cat gives a damn about the direction this country is moving in after his blatant disrespect of an African American icon and his demoralizing lyrics and image. Bad publicity is good publicity and publicity sells.

  11. Let me if I may chime in with what governs the 14th amendment slaves and orphans who are ignorant of the facts here. The flag in which LiL' Wayne desecrated is the flag of a CORPORATION and not a Country. Fact 1: Title 28 USC 3002 Section 15A "United States means Federal Corporation". Fact 2: This CORPORATION/UNITED STATES belongs to HIS MAJESTY per "The Paris Peace Treaty of 1783" Article 3 "And also that the inhabitants of the United States shall have the liberty to take fish of every kind on such part of the coast of Newfoundland as British fishermen shall use, (but not to dry or cure the same on that land) and also on the coasts, bays creeks of all other of his Brittanic Majesty"s dominions in America". The 1% is sitting back laughing at their ignorant, blind "Chattel". While the leaders of the world are in their secret meeting planning for the Big Hit with their CONQUER AND DIVIDE technique which have consumed and taken the minds of the gullible…..

  12. I’m just happy he for once is changing his subject matter. He has spent the last 15 years rapping exclusively about booty shaking, rampant sexual excapades, his bank accounts, his mansions, the types of cars he drives, killing black men, objectifying black women, his hate and disdain for dark skinned people, his indulgence in oral sex with random women, his love for illegal narcotics and guns… It’s surprising how you can have a successful career in the music industry and limit yourself strictly to the most degenerate subject matters you can scrap from the darkest places of your cranium. If he’s finally ready to leave the cess pool that is his comfort zone and move into subject matters that are more political, good or bad, I certainly welcome that change from Lil’ Wayne.

  13. It’s about time some artist, any artist would bring social matters to their lyrics … The music industry is guilty for the disgraceful culture that doesn’t produce positive results for the young generation that patronizes their garbage product … The conservative’s GREATEST fear of the past & present is Strong social political lyrics… Even adults will patronize that consciousness…


  14. Also I might add., An artist’s creative expression is one thing., But an artist who’s creative expression gone platinum patronized by all is another…

  15. I don’t care whether Wayne has problems with what Americans are doing. He has no right to desecrate the American flag, FA or no. I could tell my fellow Nigerians a few things- doesn’t mean I will take down the flag and stand on it. This man is a disgraceful example to a society that has already lost its way.
    By the way: READ My article on Affirmative Action:

  16. If he doesn't like it Tell that mutherfucker to take his millions that he has made in America and move.

    • IRS pay that loser a visit Who has given us freedom of religion.
      It is the Soldier, not the reporter Who has given us freedom of the press.

    • Fuck that weird little mutherfucker

  17. So what!!! Amerikkka been steppin on Blacks since it was established!!

  18. Let him rap. Hell, that's how everyone is feeling these days.

  19. Disgrace my ass! America is a disgrace .. For a Caucasian to feel that Wayne is disgraceful for stomping the American flag is very insightful of the American cruel deeds toward the Black People. You want melanin injections, you wish to be a shade darker (tanning). not us because we are who we are! Who do you think shaped America ???! The slaves so kiss ass with the disgrace shit. Us as people under the law meaning if your not a legislator, senate, or currently employed by the government but a civilian You should not only agree with Wayne’s reason for stomping the flag but also that America is against Blacks

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