Kim Kardashian Sends Kanye His Birthday Gift, and It’s Nothing Compared to Last Year

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If you didn’t think that this relationship was real, now you know.  Kanye is 36-years old now and as he gets older, it looks like Kim is the woman he is trying to settle down with.  Last year, the gift was expensive and meaningless. This year’s gift is inexpensive and meaningful.  It’ll be interesting to see how this relationship goes. 

Last year Kim Kardashian bought Kanye West a rare $750,000 black Lamborghini Aventador for his birthday. This year he got a collage on Instagram.

Kardashian got crafty for Kanye West’s birthday and shared a sweet collage of the couple’s time together on the photo-loving social network. The crop job shows photos of them of the red carpet, before last year’s Made in America fest and enjoying a romantic dinner.

“Happy birthday to my best friend, the love of my life, my soul!!!!” Kardashian wrote. “I love you beyond words!”



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  1. why does he looks mad all the time?

  2. Cuz he's ugly all the time.


  4. have a great time with hobby

  5. He should be mad. His fiance on video with RayJ meat in her mouth……

  6. Last year she was trying to buy affection.. This year she think she got him on lock..Gold digger won't be spending no more dollars, She will be banking from his dumb ass…

  7. he look mad all the time. I wonder why?

  8. Why do people love to hate so much. Gongrats Kanye and kim!

  9. Our people — especially those who have made money in entertainment or sports — the rappers, pro-athletes, and others — are so engrossed into such ridiculous materialism–and do so little CONSTRUCTIVE that it gets sickening.

    While these people like Kanye…and some others…RAPPERS with gold on their teeth…rich pro-athletes… preachers….etc. — have accumulated a lot of money….WHAT ARE THEY DOING WITH IT TO HELP BUILD OUR COMMUNITY????

    BLACK COLLEGES are struggling to keep their doors open…including the great HOWARD UNIVERSITY….


    While the Republicans are cutting off the budgets…and not creating many jobs…in fact are blocking most efforts to help the poor — this is the nonsense that we keep seeing in the news…RICH BLACK FOLKS (and others) ….just wasting money on utter nonsense.

    Frankly, our great leaders… like MARCUS GARVEY, HARRIET TUBMAN, BARBARA JORDAN, DR. KING…and many others would turn over in their graves if they see what is going on in our communities these days.

    *Suggested books = LIBERTY’S LEGACY….and….
    BRAVE LIKE ME (En-Courage-ment from Black Achievers)

  10. Kim knows she's scored out again. My suggestion to her is to allow him parental privleges, work on getting her shape back, keep it moving. Men shouldn't be a priority! He's not a real man, he's a jerk that became famous, no substance to him. He couldn't shine my shoes!

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