Is She Lying, Stupid or Crazy? Model Now Says Kanye Never Cheated with Her

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It’s hard to know if she’s a lunatic, a liar or someone who got paid under the table. But the woman who once swore that she slept with Kanye West on multiple occasions during his relationship with Kim Kardashian is now moon walking in the other direction

Leyla Ghobadi , the apparently attention-seeking Canadian model who sold her story about sleeping with Kanye West during his relationship with Kim, is now saying that she was mistaken.  Oops, rather than dating Kanye during his relationship with Kim, she is now saying that it all happened before they met.

According to a new report in the UK’s Sun, Ghobadi is now telling an entirely different story.  What a difference three days makes.

“I was introduced to him at the Montreal concert. We met backstage as I knew members of his band. We ended up having s-x at the Thompson Hotel,” she told the The Sun.

“He then flew some friends and I out to Toronto for his two concerts in the next two days. We had s*x again there. This was all before Kim Kardashian and he never spoke about her. But what I do know is that Kanye is a Romeo — he can never be trusted.”

In her initial story, Ghobadi said that she met Kanye while he was dating Kim and that he blatantly cheated on her on multiple occasions.

“He told me . . . he wanted to ‘hook up,’ but I was concerned that he was seeing Kim Kardashian,” she had originally said. “He told me that [their relationship] was for publicity and nothing serious.”

“He will never be faithful to one girl and has women falling at his feet all the time,” she continued to the Sun.

The Star also said that Kanye tried to get in touch with the model as recently as last week.  Maybe this is where they “talked to her” about the situation and convinced her to tone down the story.  Or it could be the meeting where they “reminded” her that all of this happened before he Kanye met Kim, and not after.

“I can’t believe all this publicity — I’m having anxiety attacks. I’ve been out with other singers and never kissed and told. I’m not starting now,” she said, to the confusion of millions of people.

“I’m not the type to talk about such things — I’ve got family and friends to consider.”

Kanye’s reps are eating this up, painting the model as a malicious liar.

“This most recent attack on Kanye West and his family is totally without merit. It’s a blatant attempt by a misguided individual who is clearly seeking publicity, and another in a series of malicious stories drummed up by non-credible ‘news’ sources. This is a sad attempt to hurt two people trying to live their lives.”


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  1. In the grand scheme of things none of this shit matters

  2. I believe her first statement. Most likely , she got paid to shut up or threaten. Being that K/K are both garden tools with no moral compass this is NO surprise. After -all, what goes around, comes around.

  3. @kassi it doesnt matter what we "think" we give subjects like these too much of our attention, we need to start worrying about ourselvesand what doesnt matter. Like aljabbar said…" None of this shit matter

  4. The two never looked to me like they were in a serious relationship anyway. They always look awkward in their pictures and on her show. Also, she cheated with him when married and reportedly while going out with Reggie Bush and when he was with Amber. I only hope that they are not bringing a child into a world with estranged parents.

  5. Some one want to be heard or seen.

  6. Let's feed our hungry

  7. A $250,000 payoff would make me moonwalk also and I don’t even know how to do that stupid dance.

  8. Obviously…she got some hush up money!!!

  9. Who cares…he's no one I would admit to being with…sorry for my honesty.

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