Guess How Much Money Jay-Z Is Getting From Samsung

by / June 17, 2013 Black News 23 Comments

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Jay-Z inks major deal with Samsung


It’s a good year to be a Carter. This year is has been raining money for Jay-Z and his wife Beyoncé. First “King Bey” inked a $50 million endorsement deal with Pepsi and now Jay-Z has inked a $20 million deal with Samsung.

The lucrative deal with Samsung will give  1,000,000 Samsung consumers a free copy of the 17x Grammy winning rapper’s album forthcoming album titled Magna Carta Holy Grail. The move is a huge one for Samsung, since they are fighting tooth and nail to compete with Apple, who has dominated the market for years.   Will this be the big move that gets them over the Apple hump?  Only time will tell.  Business experts believe the deal is smart, considering the influence Jay-Z has on pop culture.

Jay-Z and his wife were donned the first billionaire couple in pop culture earlier this year. The couple’s success has not been praised by everyone. Legendary activist/artist Harry Belafonte criticized the duo for not giving back to the Black community. In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, the activist candidly stated: “…It is sad. And I think one of the great abuses of this modern time is that we should have had such high-profile artists, powerful celebrities. But they have turned their back on social responsibility. That goes for Jay-Z and Beyoncé, for example. Give me Bruce Springsteen, and now you’re talking. I really think he is black.”

Esteemed scholar and social commentator Dr. Boyce Watkins agrees with Belafonte, writing: “Harry Belafonte, by speaking up at the age of 85, is effectively asking that young people pick up the baton that he’s been running since Dr. King was a teenager.  But instead of picking up the baton, we’ve thrown it at his feet and signed ourselves up for corporate slavery. I congratulate Harry for taking a stand on this important issue, and I am hopeful that his courage can spark the cultural revolution necessary to make our people stronger as a result.”


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  1. And how much of it goes to build up the black community? The same community that got him there??

    • Very little…if any.

    • Maurice Fails Jr It is the ppl that need to recognize… They have built his empire….

  2. WELL! you can take people out the hood, But! sometime you cant take the hood out the people this is my personal opinion and I'm sorry who don't like it my mother use to always say the truth hurt.


  4. I don’t know what they’re doing with their money. All I know is it’s theirs. I do wish he’d hook me up with one of those S4 s though.

    http://www.noi.org/thetime <


  7. The community has been overlooked by politicians, and most people with major funding. It is sad that all communities feel obligated to enrich the lives of their common brothers accept some people from the African community. Whether it is self hatred, or not a clear cut plan outlined for funders to give to is the problem, I do not know. But no one can tell anyone what to do with their money. Clearly they have contributed towards many things in some country in Africa (water irrigation) and Beyonce and her mother did open up a beauty parlor in Phoenix House in Brooklyn. I think that politicians have turned their backs on community outreach in New York and have opened up their doors to European newcomers and have kicked the concerns of the boy and disenfranchised. It would be nice to see Jayz open up a bank, a youth center, some recording schools, some finance workshops where the graduates could earn money to start a business. But then that would be something only Jewish people do. We as a people have made great strides in the world of finance, but our investments are not our people. Soon, when someone like Harry Belafonte and a host of others get together, maybe they will call a meeting and get some things popping. I would be willing to sit on a finance board or a group with advisors to help people with large sums of money get involved with urban renewal and development. But to expect entertainers and athletes to care about people that look like them is asking for a lot.

  8. YESSS SSOOOOO True! Generation X and Y…….. please Take Note.

  9. I guess we know for a fact the Carters don't give back or support the black community?!? For real?! Do we have access to their bank account, charity records…anything?! Just asking cause folks are surely acting like it…we have absolutely NO idea what they do…lets just figure out how to take care of each other whether someone knows or not

  10. I'm proud of them. It's not my business how much they have or what they are doing with it. I am proud that they are doing something. So many sitting at home blogging and getting a SSDI check. Get a job and just maybe you won't have time to worry about what someone else has or does with what is theirs.

  11. With all due respect, how does Mr. Belafonte or anyone else outside of Jay-z’s accountant, know what he does with his money. You can assume, but knowing is another thing. I make contributions to certain charities and don’t anounce it, because it’s not required. I do know he’s sponsoring scholarships.

  12. Sum ppll hav traded thier heaven fortunes for thier earthly fortunes mayb they dont..feel obligated.eventhough jz came from the hood i gues he decided never look back or give back.they.r relishng n thier glory thier heaven thier riches

  13. Well again they both worked very hard for their money.. Nothing was given to them for free.. So whatever they do with their billions is their business. If they want to give to poor communities or develope poor communities they do but nobody should tell them what to do with their money.

  14. Congratulations to both of them they worked hard for their money and people who worked hard for their money know to manage their money… Even if they are not giving now but they may have plans to donate to charities in the future… Again not everyone has the heart to give….

  15. This picture of a successful negro smoking a gigantic cancer stick, with big gold chains on his neck is insulting also. Not someone that I’d let my son admire.

  16. Since I don't spend any money on them, this is a moot point.

  17. Jay Z paid for water purification plants in Africa. So I can’t believe that he would NOT be generous to his own Black race here in America. Before saying something negative about someone, make sure all the facts have been examined!

  18. Zippola
    anyway….I don't want give JayZ or Beyonce any of my money.

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