Fredrick Douglass Statue Presented on Capitol Hill

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There is no question that Frederick Douglass was a great man during his time and after.  Finally, on Capitol Hill, Douglass is being honored as one of the great Americans of all time, and getting the respect that he deserves.

Douglass wasn’t just a man who freed himself from slavery, he also advised President Abraham Lincoln as he sought to free the slaves.  Vice President Biden, along with Democratic Sen. Harry Reid and Democratic Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, came to the ceremony to dedicate the Douglass statue.   Members of his family came along as well, including Nettie Washington Douglass, Frederick Douglass’ great great granddaughter and her son Kenneth B. Morris, Jr.

The statue is going to stand right next to the ones of Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr. and Sojourner Truth in Emancipation Hall.

Without brave men like Douglass, we would not have our freedom, so take a second to show your thanks and support.


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  1. Did any REPUBLICANS attend the dedication of this statue of the outstanding Frederick Douglass—or were they simply not mentioned by this author?

  2. Not sure; this dedication was several weeks ago and I remember watching some of it on C-SPAN; might be able to find an archive of the presentation; I mostly remember Douglass' decendants and some Washington DC dignitaries attending

  3. Somewhere it should be noted that Frederick Douglass was a REPUBLICAN. So….if none actually were not present…if aware/invited of course….it will be one more disappointment of Republican action. Accustomed to regular Democrat disappointment (which would include omission bias by the author), but keep hoping that leadership Republicans will show appreciation and common sense for the values we still treasure and want.

  4. Roz Woody …..just very curious to see the "ideological side", ya know. WDC dignitaries of both Republicans and Democrats should have been there….and if so, not only a few 'chosen' mentioned as being there. Douglass is one of my favorites from history….his autobiography is an absolutely incredible story.

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