Does Bill Clinton Have A Secret Son? A Young Man is Saying that He’s Little Bill

Everyone knows that Bill Clinton loved the ladies.  He has also been known to keep a little extra chocolate in his pocket.  The wild stories of Bill Clinton’s s-ex life go far deeper than Monica Lewinsky and also include tales of having several women at once, and women of all professional backgrounds.   This story is one that has surfaced in the past, but unlike before, the alleged secret son is now speaking up to the public, stating that Bill Clinton is his dad.

Not only does the so-called son back his story to the end, he also has the smile and good looks to prove it.  His mother was an alleged “lady of the evening” in Little Rock, where Clinton was from.   She says that she helped the president enjoy himself on multiple occasions. Now, both mother and son are saying that it’s time for the truth to come out and for Bill to acknowledge his seed.

If it is true, it makes sense that they would push for the son to be acknowledged.  Who would deny someone’s right to know his real dad all for the sake of politics?  Bill, you’re an old man now, maybe you can go to the grave with a clean slate.

Danny Lee Williams Jr. and his mother Bobbie Ann Williams did a recent interview with the GLOBE, and are saying that they hope that he will get a chance to meet his elderly father before he dies.

“I read he doesn’t have long to live and I want to meet him face to face before he dies. I just want to shake his hand and say, “Hi Dad,” before he dies. I’d like to have a relationship with Chelsea, too. She’s my half-sister.”

Danny would also like for President Clinton to meet his five children, who according to Danney, would be Clinton’s only grandchildren. They range in age from 10 years to just 4 months old.  Five kids?  It looks like Little Bill loves to mate as much as his father did.  Some things just run in the family.

In addition to dealing with heart disease, Clinton is also alleged to have Parkinson’s.  Says Clinton:

“I have a condition that sometimes you get with aging, you may have noticed it. My hand has a little tremor when I’m tired and a lot of people do when they’re older. The first time it happened, I had to go get myself checked to make sure I didn’t have Parkinson’s.  I was so relieved to find out I did not have Parkinson’s, that I didn’t care how much it shook after that.”

Bill has had a great political career, but we know that he has more demons in his closet than most of us.  Maybe he should at least address the rumors to confirm of deny if they are true, so that people aren’t telling the story after he’s dead.  Thomas Jefferson also loved black women, so it would be no surprise if the so-called “first black president” before Obama also liked black women too.


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