Diana Ross & Debbie Rowe Weigh In On Paris Jackson’s Condition

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Paris Jackson, the only daughter of the Michael Jackson, made headlines last week after she attempted to commit suicide by cutting her wrist and overdosing on motrin.

Sources say she’s currently in stable condition, but family members including godmother Diana Ross and biological mother Debbie Rowe have voiced concerns about the 15-year-old’s well being.

According to reports, ”Diana is extremely concerned about Paris. She was stunned that Paris attempted suicide and has vowed to make sure she gets the help she needs.”

Paris, and her brother Prince and Blanket, are currently under the care of their 83-year-old grandmother Katherine. Ross said she has no plans to “move for custody of the children” but is ready to step in if help is needed.




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  1. Ms. Ross, please rescue that baby. Take her to CT and protect her from the press and the mean girls in the area where she lives.

  2. Paris has been a mean girl toward those in her family who have tried to help her. Apparently, they left her alone and let her have her way. It's hard, but Michael really made a mess when he set up plans for his children in his absence. He taught his children not to respect his family, but essentially left them in their care as his mother could never raise them alone. Also, one strength of that clan is its size and the close connections between siblings. With Paris being raised to be above it all, she is missing out. By all indications, Diana Ross has been a great mother and friend to Micheal. Maybe she can help. Paris will have to be willing to accept help though. I wish her the best.

    • In actuality the way Mike's family acts a fool (like every other kind of family but they famous and in the spotlight) was why he kept his kids from them. Portions of his family for most of his life and even in his death have always used Mike as a ATM. Mike took financial care of his siblings kids (his nieces and nephews) for the most part. Just like any other family member he got tired of being utilized as a bank. Perhaps Janet also felt that same way to and has distanced herself with dealings with the family and her niece and nephews to some degree. Mike's kids with the exception of the cousins they hang with don't have a mega connection with their Uncles or Aunts (Mike siblings). So who are you to say they don't have respect for family and they only have known as family Katherine (their Grandmom) and their father who has been dead for almost 4 years?

      If Mike taught his kids anything it wasn't to not respect family but to be very cautious in dealing with them to not be used and manipulated for what they can get off of you. Don't be all the way fooled by the family unit façade of that family. They act a mess and crazy over money and whatnot just like everyone else.

      Oh and by the way: One of Tito's sons is a co-guardian of the kids. Yet his ass lives 2 hours away from them? WTF kind of watching of the kids is that living 2 hours away if you are "family"? SMDH

    • Can you give one concrete example of a family member who acted like a fool, besides Joseph and particularly, someone who used Michael as an ATM? Also, let me understand – in that large clan, there were no family members other than Katherine (who is frankly too old, and who should not be burdened with raising kids) who was worthy enough to raise the kids? It seems a bit selfish to me that he would burden his mother in this way. Also, had he gone about it the right way, he would have build healthy relationships with their mothers so the choices would not be so limited. Instead, he created children in the most unnatural way. Janet is a family member, who actually is richer than Mike, a multi-billionaire in her own right, who tried very hard to reach out to and support children. Paris cussed her out and was very disrespectful, so she left her alone. There are several members of the clan, like the nephew who ultimately adopted them temporarily who are well-adjusted and who appear to be successful in their own right, who could pitch in. It's funny, you talk about how the others behave, but you don't see their children acting out. In fact, they are known for being well raised and well-adjusted for the most part. It is actually Michael's children who are constantly on Twitter and making sad You Tube videos and who are acting out. Michael, although I loved him like anyone else, was a major drug addict with some real emotional problems and who basically lacked a formal education. What makes his sense of reasoning any greater than anyone else in his family?

    • In terms of Tito's son being too far away and co-guardian. The young man was living his life and was asked to step in at the last minute to co-guardian kids who were on Twitter talking badly about their family and accusing them of kidnapping their grandmother, who actually needed a respite due to the stress involved in raising them. The kids also have a record company as co-guardian, a deal Michael made due to his inability to live up to his financial commitments. Again, had Michael taken the time to set things up properly, you would not have these really unfair expectations of his nephew and other family members. This is a young man, who should be complimented for stepping up at what may not have been the best time for him to do so in terms of his own life. There is a right and a wrong way to do things. Michael failed miserably in this regard. It almost seems like he took great time to plan out their births, but very little time thinking about who and how the kids would be cared for after his death. you stated that Michael warned his kids about his family, taught them not to trust them, and kept them away while they were growing up. So, how is that working? The first thing his daughter does is begin to air dirty-laundry and to put down family members publicly after he dies. Good job Michael. These are the same people who showed up in court with him every time he had to appear, who defended him consistently (except Latoya) when accused of child pornography charges, and who tried to run multiple interventions with respect to his drug use, etc. The people you claim he distrusted and despised are the people left with the responsibility to raise the kids. Should they behave toward Mike in the same manner that he has behaved toward them? No, they at least tried to embrace these children, despite Paris' arrogance and brazen disrespect. Also, full custody was eventually given back to Katherine when they went to court, so there is no need for the nephew to be present on a daily basis. If Mike was supporting everyone like you claim, why did I see Marlon at work at Vons in San Diego daily, doing his job for some years? It would seem that if he had a wealthy benefactor in his brother, he would not have had a need to work there and for such a long period. Michael came from the Jackson clan. He is them and they are him to a degree. I get tired of people acting like Michael was some greater being — superior to his family. It is not true. He was a man with a gift for making music and for entertaining, who commonly blamed his short-comings on others. He was human and as such flawed like all other human beings. He was not a God.

  3. is she really MJ daughter?

  4. Katherine, Debbie, and Diana, seem to be all working together to help Paris she will be ok…mike picked the right people for his kid just like we would do…

  5. I'm with Kat Williams on this one… Sticking A black d-ck up in a white woman does NOT result with what you see before your eyes… We ain't 12 years old damnit… We know what mixed looks like.

  6. She is Michael adopted daughter…not his seed from what I understand…

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