Bronx DJ Sacrifices His Life When His iPhone Falls Off Subway Tracks

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Now most iPhone users seem to go hard as supporters of the Apple brand, but this incident definitely takes that cake.There is no doubting that a Bronx DJ loved his trendy phone after risking his life for it. 

Francisco Diego, also known as DJ Teck Traks of New York, tragically lost his life after being electrocuted and struck by a Subway train in an attempt to retrieve his fallen phone from the train tracks. 

The young DJ was only 22 years old, and this all took place Saturday, June 1. He died from the electrocution of the metal tracks and was then slammed by a No. 2 train at the Wakefield-241 St. stop. The train just so happen to be the last on that particular route.

Sources say that Diego went after the device after it had fallen onto the tracks. He some how managed to get in between two train cars and then onto the tracks. He was shocked after touching the third rail causing his immediate death. And to worsen matters was hit by the train as it pulled into the station. 

Francisco Diego was known for hosting major parties at a Bronx nightclub, the Maximo’s Place, which just so happened to close down over Memorial Day Weekend.

Some people have been shocked to hear that a young person would put his life on the line for a phone. A close friend of Diego said, “He’s not the type to jump into the subway to get it.” The friend was so sure that he would simply go to purchase another phone. She told authorities,”He would just go get a new one. That’s why this is so shocking.”

It has been discovered that this was not the first case of Diego going the distance for his precious iPhone. There was another instance when Diedo made his way onto the train tracks to retrieve his fallen phone. His sister gave a statement saying “He’s done it before, which is why he tried to do it again. But this time it wasn’t successful. I feel like my heart has been ripped out.”

The young man was immediately taken to the Jacobi Medical Center, where he was unable to be revived. 

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  3. OMG…so sad….what could possibly make him do that…it's not that serious….just get another phone!

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  8. There's something very odd about this story. It's very sad that this young man lost his life, but sounds like he had a death wish. Jumping on the train track twice…that's just tempting death!

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