Baltimore Father Accused Of Trying To Drown His 3 Month Old Son

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A Baltimore man has been charged with attempted murder after making an effort to drown his  three month old son in a bathtub.

The accused father is Augustus Parker who is 47 years old. According to the Baltimore police the father allegedly admitted to forcidly holding his three month old son, Montez Parker, under the water until the ‘bubbles began to stop’ and the infant appeared to be unconscious.

Parker told the police that once he removed the baby boy from the bath tub he began regurgitating and then slipped out of his hands. Parker said he then dried the boy off with a towel, put clothes on him, and got the boy’s mother on the phone to tell her that “something was wrong” with the infant.

The police report did not reveal a potential motive; however ,Parker was accused of telling police multiple lies before he finally admitted that he had attempted to drown his own son.

Allegedly, Parker consistently tried to convince the police who were questioning him that he had not injured the young child. It was not until he was confronted with the medical evidence from the St. Agnes Hospital and Johns Hopkins Children’s Center staff pointing out that the boy had suffered brain swelling due to a lack of oxygen. The medical report also revealed that the infant indured an injury to rib and a fractured foot.

Parker cosequently charged with first degree murder after not being able to prove that he did not have any involvement in the the child’s injuries and the evidence proved that the child’s injuries were inconsistent with an accident. The father is currently being held without bond, and the child is in critical condition at Johns Hopkins hospital.

It was also uncovered that Parker was previously convicted of abusing a child in 2003.

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  2. this is fuck up and it wasent a boy friend it was the babies father.

  3. Girls and women, PLEASE get to really know the man that you have father your children. Love really is NOT blind, many of us women have blinders on.

    I pray this baby totally recovers and is healthy; however, no one should tell him his father tried to kill him. The mother should take this child, change his name, stay away from his family. His family knew he was nuts and so did the mother.

  4. God let this man repent.and be baptized he need to stay on his knees for forgiveness

  5. I strongly believe he should beg for death and pray tht GOD excepts my death as a form of repentance so I will make it to heaven..THE MOST HIGH MOST MERCIFUL…


  7. SMDH! Where are some inept women finding these lowlife , no good, SOBs, ? Perhaps, at the nearest landfill.
    some women need to start using their minds instead of their behinds.

  8. This is not the first time this man has done this the first baby he kill die the same way i bet that was his baby that he made when he cheated on his wife . I know he is someone else)))))))) god have mercy on his soul but more importantly my sincer prayers goes out to the victum family god forgive me fuck his family this is the second time this mother fucker has done this i know what the fuck i’m talking about and the first baby died the same way serveal blows to the head and cracked ribs. I pray that his mom is not living to see this but his sister that shit starter probably in the corner in a fucking coma. Oh but i bet she ain’t calling no body now to fuck with… god do not like ulgy pray for me but i’m feeling some kinda way right now god help me. If he brought my baby to me talking some shit that it is something wrong)))))))))) YELLING his ass be a john hopkin on the critical list or dead one. You are a sick bitch augustus and right now you discuss me. God please forgive me i have sin but i just could not hold it anymore please all pray my strenght in the lord cause my flesh has take over my heart hurt’s for this child mother and the family cause this shit is not right this is insane. How in the world is this sick fuck going to explain this shit now the first baby autopsy report came back saying that the child endore blows to his head and the baby was left in his care. Omg i’m getting off of here before i expose this bitch. This what get’s me the first baby he killed the mother was in court taking up for this mother fucker talking about she did not no why they were there because he did not do this but ooooooooooo i new that mother fucker was a fucking crut ball looney bin the whole family something is wrong with their asses. no one believe me they ask me to come and testtify want me to come and testify in his behalf i said fuck no you mother fucker’s. I bet they want ask me this time cause i will send his ass right where he belongs in jail for life you stupid fuck.

  9. UgHHHHHHHHHHH looking like he came off a crack ward his sister probably drove him too it all of them are grown still living in the same house none of them never ran there own shit all they have ever done is live off of other people. I don’t care it is no excuse for his ass. I told his sister he was a baby killer. the person i knew never looked like this before wow my how people change you will never no who a person is untill you get them off to yourself. I just hope that this child make it and that god put his hand on this baby what the devil and the evil that person is trying to do i hope and pray that god turn it around for this child i hope that this child can be save. Cause the last time this insane baster waited until the baby die and then act like he was call for help and the baby die way before the medic arrived and he on the phone with the operator acting like he was giving the baby cpr put this piece of shit away for life and you need to get his sister too she is off maybe they can share the same cell.

  10. Good Morning all I’m trying to deal with this the best i no how. It’s going to take a minute for me to get through and over what augustus andrew parker have done i won’t ever use captial letter in his name a piece of a human being. I’am pass appall by his action but not surprise i new it would be a matter of time before he do it again. Listen ladies when a man tell you who they are believe them cause that’s who they are do not make excuses for them and say to your self may be he has change althrough we can change if that’s what we want to do it will show in your walk the way you live your life the way we talk god say’s the life we live speaks for me. I’m still praying for his son to recover and heal and still be abe to have his right mind and come through this ordeal without any brain damage please pray all i know that god can and will do all things above and beyond our thoughts and feelings. I hope that he has repent because if not he is going to hell with gasoline written on the back of his ass burning on fire. We have to forgive but i will never in life ever talk to him again him nor his family you see if it wasn’t for Jesus i would never forgive him but unlike our sellves we want too be forgiven when we are wrong no one is perfect but their is never an excuse for another human to take a life because they can’t make one hair white or black. I have had my say I’m done why do the system let these animals out the cage to kill our children. I told his sister before they release his ass for the first child that his ass was a baby KILLER))))))) I guess they feel like it is okay and they think they can rehabilitate them. But when this kind of shit hit home to one of their own OHHHHH))))))))YELLING then they want to pass all kinds of laws am i right. When Aids came on the seen it was okay for any race to die off except for one race but when a dentist had aids and stuck his hand in a child mouth when he new he had a open wound on his finger then they wanted to rush and fine a cure. Hummmmmmmmm Sounds familiar why because it was one of theirs. Pray for me i can never receive to much prayer right now i need his daily walk every second and every minute of the day right now))))))))) cause this is a tragedy that should not have happen in the first place. In God’s Holy Grace Amen.

  11. He's a punk! He's going 2 hurt almost kill a person who could not fight him back. His own child…his flesh and blood. This makes me sick 2 my stomach. Too many women out here wishing they could have babies and can't and this mofo wants 2 kill his. May God look out 4 this little angel.

  12. Oh WOW well God Bless this child…..

  13. I wonder why he was not in prison for hurting the other child? Women need to be more concerned about who we have babies with. Matter of fact who we associate with period! This guy was allowed to be free while some people are in prison for 35 years for nonviolent crimes. SMH.

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