911 Operator Fired After Making Racists Comments On Facebook

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How can you help people when you’re too busy talking about them on Facebook? This 911 operator was not happy about her daily interactions with African American people in need and decided to take to Facebook to relieve her frustrations.

The 911 operator was 23 year old April Sims from Texas. She was fired Wednesday after allegedly posting a series of racist remarks on her Facebook page.

In Facebook posts that supposedly only her friends could see, April Sims, compared black people to “animals” and said she could “count on one hand” those she knew “who didn’t have [expletive] for brains,” according to local ABC affiliate WFAA-TV.

Most of the offensive comments are reportedly regarding Sims’ work responding to emergency calls.

“I’m a very easygoing person and I will give the shirt off my back to help others, but when call after call are black people fighting and screaming and hitting each other and they want to yell at me and treat me like [expletive] when I’m trying to help, is not cool,” Sims allegedly wrote in a post, according to The Dallas Morning News.

The Dallas Police Department provided a statement on its  Facebook page that reads:

On June 4, 2013, a call taker for the City of Dallas advised a supervisor in the 9-1-1 Call Center that April Sims, who is also a Call Taker, had violated the Dallas Police Department’s Social Media policy. On June 5, 2013, Ms. Sims’ employment with the City of Dallas was terminated. Ms. Sims was hired by the City of Dallas in November 2012. Ms. Sims was on probation and therefore has no right to appeal her termination.

This is yet another event that had led the police department to be embarrassed of its oftentimes racists operations. In a video broadcast on WFAA-TV, Dallas City Council member Dwaine Caraway admitted to being shocked and saddened. He said the incident has shown the police department and the city in a negative light.

According to The Huffington Post: Public employees who have lost their jobs over racist messages on social networks have also made headlines in other states recently.

In April, EMT Timothy Dluhosquit his $93,000 per year job with the New York Fire Department after being suspended for a series of racist tweets that complained about “coloreds,” “chinks [who] can’t drive,” and about New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who Dluhos referred to as “King Heeb.”

In another high-profile New York scandal, the son of FDNY Commissioner Salvatore Cassano, Joseph Cassano, who also worked as an EMT, quit his job in March after hateful tweets about blacks and Jews surfaced, according to the New York Times.

Here are the actual tweets from April Sims’ Facebook page.

“I can count on 1 hand the black people I know who don’t have [expletive] for brains!!!” one of Sims' posts stated. 

April Sims was fired from the Dallas Police Dept. for racist comments on Facebook.


Sommer Payne

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  1. But I bet Dino's GF still had her job! Haha

  2. She said "I can count on 1 hand the black people I knows that don't have shyt for brains"……um that's only 5…..and I'm pretty sure EVERYBODY in the world can think of 5 people they know that don't have shyt for brains….lol

  3. Racism in America is usually started when White People are powerless. Now for boyfriend was robbed by two Black guys, and because she vented her anger and frustration she loses her job. Now we have created a legitimate racist.
    They should have let let that slide.

    When I got car jack I didn't say "Them damn Kings from Africa stole held me up at gunpoint and took my truck".

  4. No Racism in America is when white people have power… And that case is called white supremacy… And for her to say what she said apparently she didn't value her job.. How stupid can you be to be a dispatcher and tell the business of people who calls 911..

  5. Trailer trash tryn 2 create any reason 2 look down bcuz she already the LOWEST OF THE LOW ! @whitetrashamerica…

  6. Dumb girl…

  7. April, well…. Are you smarter than a black person? You are obviously not smarter than a 3rd grade! Who turned your your Facebook page into the Popo? Unemployment line for being stupid. Did you learn hot to be ignorant from your mothers family or your daddy?

  8. April, well…. Are you smarter than a black person? You are obviously not smarter than a 3rd grade! Who turned your your Facebook page into the Popo? Unemployment line for being stupid. Did you learn hot to be ignorant from your mothers family or your daddy?

  9. IMO I think she's wrong for how she came off about blacks however she has a point. Some blacks are loud and ignorant for no reason. I'm black and am embarrassed by some. It's sad to say she's not lying.

  10. Haji your post don’t make sense. The situation clearly didnt create a racist. She was already that and the robbery only added to what she was feeling. Racist all over the country in the legal systems are unfairly wreaking havoc on and terrorizing our bc of their hatred with no accountability. With all these ridiculous movements that are holding people accountable, morally, financially or both, for trivial things being public servant there needed to be some accountability. With her racist attitude she should have never taken such a position.

  11. My great grand fathers dad was beaten castrated and hung by five white men. They say we are animals and if so I guess the animals learned from their keepers mummmmmmm?

  12. Don’t worry Jesus Christ will be back REAL soon!!!

  13. Dumb ass…

  14. The thing about this is we all know that she is not wrong in what she's saying….I am often saying and wondering why do we act the way we act. Sometimes I can make an excuse and say it is the system, the man, etc. Of course, other people do crazy stuff too but we are the scapegoats and often seem like it is ok to be that way. We have to help each other to be right and do right. Forget what other people are saying about us. Let's do something to make our situation better.

  15. She should have been fired for her action.

  16. Glad that job is gone she damn sure ain't deserve it goodie goodie fuqn goodie hahahaha think before you speak dumbass now a whole race uh ppl that dont even kno yu hate smh stay off social networks bitch

  17. There are thieves in all cultures, but she should've had more control of her emotions, damn uneducated dummy! Lmao and the dummy will not be eligible for UE! Due to the fact.that she violated company policy. Or did she delusional believe her white privilege was going to save her ignorant ass. Yes

  18. Yes we can be loud and ignorant ummm were not the only people who carry themselves that manner! Ignorance is world wide!!! But as black people were always targeted! It's getting old and tired..

  19. Cunt

  20. stupid bitch..that's why you lost your job.

  21. Oh that dumb btch and the likes of her kind need to get an education she can’t even fkn count and shall we mention; how many other cultures talk too fkn loud, steal, rape, kill its in all cultures so this dumbtch needs look within her own communities.

  22. Are you serious Regina, so no other race have people that act ignorant or get loud? You are an embarrassment to make such an ignorant statement.

  23. Wow, people really let their ignorance show!! My thing is why hide behind photos that are not you!! Everyone that make racist comments always hide, why change profile pics or have another pic that’s not them, she went as far to change her profile pic on fb!!! Cowardly move!!

  24. Their still giving this trash attention she has some nerves she’s not even married has a child out of wedlock and she want to be talking about people and their behavior. If she or race is so perfect how come the h-e didn’t get married now should I point that out for her illiterate azz. Or should I point out how many ignorant individuals like her talk shat online and hide behind pics of black pictures and spew hatred because they are cowards. Just stop giving this zit any attention and she’ll be forgotten

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