Wendy Williams Comments on Kimye’s Relationship: “THEY WILL SPLIT 30 SECONDS AFTER THE BABY IS BORN”

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Of course Wendy Williams has never been one to hold her tongue when it comes to what she thinks. So it comes as no surprise that when she sat down with Andy Cohen on Bravo TV’s Watch What Happens Live! and he asked her about “Kimye,” she had no troble saying how she really felt. The question asked was, what kind of mom did she think Kim Kardashian would be and did she think Kim and Kanye would make it? Here’s what she said in full. And FYI she definitely wore a nonchalant mask on her face and she might as well have given a Kayne shrug at the end.

“She and Kanye will not make it, and what kind of mom will she be? A single mom.

(They will split) 30 seconds after the baby is born. I believe right now there is probably a plan in motion and Kris is probably helping Kim and Kim is probably asking for the help.

I think Kanye’s about sick of all of it and he might think he has invested too much into this family and he is not going to win. You are not going to pull a Kardashian away from Kardashians. They just don’t really understand what it is like to give up for other people.”

Though this is only her opinion and shouldn’t taken literally, Kanye has seemed to be on a downward spiral. Which isn’t too shocking, I mean he has always been a pretty moody individual. According to the press and what I’ve seen so far he’s been pretty MIA during Kim’s last few months of pregnancy. She appears to be making all of the sacrifices flying back and forth to see him in Paris as he finishes up his new album. Regardless of my and everyone else’s opinions they do have a child coming into the world and need to have it together for the little one.

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  1. Funny thing is, I've always felt this way. With all the Hollywood stunts for publicity, this relationship just never looked real to me. I felt the EXACT same thing Wendy said when KK first announced the pregnancy. I'll top Wendy; they'll break up 15 seconds after the baby is born!

    • criticism is acceptable, however I don't agree with being so skeptical about their relationship, yes, they have a highly publicized and theatrical relationship, but I think they deserve some respect, they are now having a baby !!!

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