Wade Robson Resurfaces Michael Jackson Sexual Assault Accusations

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Wade Robson is saying that he is now changing his story. The story he told years ago defending the Pop God Michael Jackson. My Robson is accusing Michael Jackson of sexually abusing him for 7 years. He claims that he kept it hidden for so long because Michael engaged in a campaign of manipulation to keep him silent, especially during the 2005 child molestation trial. But he is now breaking the silence.

Robson appeared on NBC Today and explained how Michael “performed sexual acts on me and forced me to perform sexual acts on him.” He says the abusive act started when he was only 7 and continued until Robson was 14.

Robson claimed that he only testified in 2005 that Michael did NOT sexually abuse him because Michael told him what they were doing was “an expression of love.” He even added that Michael threatened him by saying, “if you ever tell anyone what we’re doing both of our lives and our careers will be over.”

Robson supposedly filed a creditor’s claim against Michael Jackson’s estate last week. He insisted that Mr. Jackson sexually abused him during his childhood for years, but according to sources he didn’t take action until he saw a therapist after having a nervous breakdown.

Robson opened up about the breakdown on Today. He was quoted saying “For the first time in my life I began to realize that my completely numb and unexplored feelings in relation to what Michael did to me might be a problem and maybe I need to speak to someone about it.”

Robson for some reason denies repressing memories of the alleged abuse; on the other hand, he believes he was only “psychologically and emotionally completely unable and unwilling to understand that it was sexual abuse.”

Robson also said in the interview that he doesn’t excuse the alleged abuse, but he believes Michael was a “troubled man” who was an amazing talent, but “also a pedophile.”

Michael Jackson’s estate has said Robson’s allegations are an “outrageous and pathetic” money grab.

Do you think this is a plea for money and attention, or a cry for help and justice.?

Sommer Payne

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  1. I didn't know people could Sue you after you are dead! If that's the case then maybe, ( WE ) as descendants of SLAVES can SUE the Estates of our forefathers an mothers OWNERS! Ijs

    • we should be able to, I agree with you Samuel Hill Jr., but in his case he lied in 2005 and he waited after he died because no one can dispute his claim. if Michael was alive, he would had counter sue, because that was how smart he was…

  2. another money-grubbing jerk!

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