Two Sisters Reunite After 17 Years at a D.C. Track Meet

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	Sisters Robin and Jordan Jeter met at a high school track meet after their friends said they looked alike.<br />

I know we all miss the television sitcom Sister, Sister  featuring celebrity twins Tia and Tamera. Well here is a real life story for everyone to enjoy. Two sisters unexpectedly meet one another after 17 years of being apart.  Jordan and Robin met in January at a high school track meet, with their friends telling them that they looked a like.  This piqued their curiosity, leading them to ask about their backgrounds. That’s how they found out they were sisters.

Now that they are sisters, they spend a ton of time together, catching up for the lost years of the past.  The NY Daily News tells more:

“Every weekend we go over each other’s house,” says Jordan.

“I come up here almost every day,” Robin told WUSA in an interview.

Jordan, a junior at Wilson High School, was adopted shortly after her birth. Robin, a senior at Friendship Collegiate, was shuttled from her biological mother, to foster care, to a legal guardian. For 17 years they lived in the same city, played some of the same sports, but never met.

“At first I didn’t know I had any siblings,” said Robin. “As time went on, I only knew I had one sibling, I didn’t know I had anymore.”

At the track meet in January, “my team was like, she looks just like you,” said Jordan. The two talked briefly at the meet and once Jordan found out Robin’s last name was Jeter she started crying.



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  1. congratulations to both of you.

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  3. Blessing

  4. awwww I'm so glad to hear that. congrats u two.

  5. Amazing story and I pray the beginning of a new relationship for two sisters that will stand the test of time.

  6. Wow! God is truly amazing.

  7. I am so happy for them. What a blessing.

  8. God is so and he is in the business of restoring families

  9. God is so amazing .. congratulations …

  10. That Is Amazing…God Works In Mysterious Ways…I’m So Happy For Them

  11. What a great job! Congratulations to all the Saff ,all individual make possinle ! Will net wrk! Awesome results !

  12. 'What wonderful bless'in! Stay close..'.Much love and faith'…Pray together 'u'al God be with u'al always…. ;o)

    • Amazing!!

  13. This is amazing…… and a blessing…. god bless u both…………… 🙂

  14. Now this is news with a happy ending….

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  16. God is good God's Blessings sisters.:-) <3.

  17. Now this is a story worth writing about. What God has joined together, let no man put us under( that does not only apply to marriage vows). Be blessed girls.

  18. Wow!!! Amazing. …

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