The Violence Has Got to Stop: 17 Shot At Mother’s Day Parade In New Orleans

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When is the violence going to stop?  Probably never, since we have 300 million guns on the streets.  But in New Orleans, black people are being shot left and right.  CNN says that 17  people were killed on mother’s day in a shooting that took place during a parade.   Mother’s day is not the day to be getting shot or killed.

The FBI is saying that the violence is just standard street stuff and isn’t related to terrorism.

Said Police Superintendent Ronal Serpas;

”two or three people just, for a reason unknown to us, started shooting at, towards, or in the crowd.”

Remi Braden, a police spokeswoman, said;

“A young girl was among the 17 people who were injured. The girl suffered a graze wound to her side. This is an extremely unusual occurrence, and we’re confident that we will make swift arrests,”

Abdul Aziz, a photojournalist, believes he was standing right next to a shooter when shooting started at the corner of Frenchman Street and North Villere Street.

“Everyone around me, except me, was shot,” he said. “I was pretty fortunate to get away. We turned off of a main thoroughfare to a smaller residential street and that’s when the shots rang out. I was standing, I believe, right next to the shooter. I saw muzzle flash, but unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to see who the shooter was. It’s a little jarring when you see these types of things on the home front,” he said. “I’m sad. I love this city. We’re plagued by crime, and it’s just not getting better no matter what we do.”



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  1. I think someone is trying to run the good people out of New Orleans.

  2. What in the hell is wrong with some folks brain ,i say catch the bastards and send their dumb asses to iraq ,they can do plenty of shooting out there either shoot or get their stupid asses shot up worthless pieces of garbage sick of all this mindless shooting for no damn reason.


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