Teen Who Was Expelled From School For Science Explosion Receives Full Scholarship U.S. Space Academy

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Kiera Wilmot made an honest mistake, but the police were trying to throw away her life with a felony.  After the community stood up for the girl, the charges were dropped, and she was allowed to move on with her life.   Well, her greatness is really starting to shine, as she was recently granted several extraordinary opportunities through scholarship offers she has received.

Dr. Boyce Watkins recently wrote about another group of students who were arrested for throwing water balloons.   Is it now open season on black children?    We have to start asking ourselves why it’s suddenly become so easy for a black child to be sent to prison or jail.  It appears that learning and education have been outlawed by the school systems, but getting arrested has become a leading trend.  Rev. Jesse Jackson also regularly mentions all the schools in Chicago with “old books but brand new metal detectors.”

Dr. Christopher Emdin, a professor of education at Columbia University, says that the schools are now very similar to prisons in terms of how they are structured, and how the inhabitants are treated.   Kiera overcame her situation, but there are thousands of kids across the country who aren’t so lucky.  Maybe it’s time to attack the system that is attacking us.

Check this out from Gawker: 

Kiera Wilmot, the 16-year-old honor student expelled from her high school after she allegedly ignited a chemical explosion on school property, received a full scholarship to the U.S. Space Academy, courtesy of a NASA veteran who, as a teenager, was accused of starting a forest fire during a science experiment.

The lessons here are simple:  Black kids have potential, and we can’t allow this system to destroy them.  Also, hard work always pays off, especially when it comes to education.  Dr. Boyce Watkins and Minister Louis Farrakhan recently held a forum called “Wealth, Education, Family and Community:  A New Paradigm for Black America.”  In the forum, Dr. Watkins and Min. Farrakhan both agree that African Americans are going to have to think differently when it comes to deciding what it means for your kids to be educated.

“Only a fool allows those who hate him to educate his children,” says Dr. Watkins.  “People also have to learn that there is a difference between going to school and truly being educated.”

Dr. Watkins shares video from his forum with Min. Farrakhan in a popular online class that he is offering.  Watkins says that new paradigms of thought must be embraced by African Americans if they are going to confront the ills of the American educational system.

“If we don’t stand up to this nonsense, then no one will,” says Dr. Watkins, who was placed in special education as a child. “We are in a war for the souls and future of our children. ”



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  1. During the same week this incident happened, another student was expelled in North Carolina, but not charged for mistakenly taking a shot gun to school in the bed of his truck. The same week he was offered a scholarship to Liberty University a conservative school by Jerry Falwell. Read between the line.

  2. I applaud Kiera for her interest in science and the scholarship provider (there was a movie made about him) to the Space Academy.

    However, I’m going to respond to the number of people saying there is no “racial” distinction or it is not an issue… I believe you’ve lived a life with minimal interaction with minorities, or that you don’t even recognize the distinction as a result of its being so ingrained in our culture that you do not identify it for what it signifies.

    I am from a mixed racial background, professional level education. Worked in the field as a chemist and as a biochemist (2 degrees) with a short version of my C.V. being 5 pages long. I attained my degrees through hard work, and perseverance. I was the only person of “color” in my work team at an international bio med company. In one year of work at a pharmaceutical company I had 0.01% error costing the company $270 (I kept meticulous records of all builds involved- and clerical errors). I personally witnessed several Caucasians being treated differently where errors in judgement, and mistakes (weekly I might add) cost the department in excess of $75,000 in one quarter. One error cost a recall of a product with $2,500,000 total cost to the company. What happened to the scientists? nothing, they received their timely promotions and raises (with bonuses). what happened to me with the $270 error (that I reported my self- so much for honesty and professional integrity)? a black mark on the record that halted my progress at the company.
    Therefore, do not tell me there is no racial distinction, differentiation, profiling, preferential treatment. It is there. I experienced it at one of the most successful international Bio Med companies. It is not just limited to that, this was purely an example. I’ve been through many other situations, at the University, at High School, with the police (several times), neighborhood watch (I was in my own yard fixing something); all I have to do is endure it and respond to it with a logical and civilized manner with out hostility. All that hostility does is justify their treatment, and marks the person as a target.
    ps. I ended up leaving the company

  3. Racism does exist… I’m am African student in a random business school in US… All African students have complained about our professors marking us down.. They use participation grades as an excuse but they give you lower grades than people who never spoke in class no matter what you say…. Other students would hardly invite you for events and simply shut down any idea you bring up in a team meeting even if it made the most sense…. I hope it gets better…. It’s sad….

  4. There is a Solution for that.

  5. I am a Human Rights Activist and Social Activist..I have heard of several of these kinds of incidents..where police have intervened, in unbelievable simple incidents in our schools..There were a few black high school students, who were throwing peanuts on a school bus..The police were called, and the boys were arrested, and charged with some rediculous charge..A young black child, whose parents didn't have enough money, to buy their child "the correct shoes attire" at school…The police were called, and this child, was taken off school grounds..How humiliating and frightening, for little children, to be confronted by police..on rediculous accusations, with no foundation or sound reasoning..You know what? If this is the "New School System"..in America..parents will begin to home school their children..They will begin to fight back..The school board of education, I am hearing a lot about..and the power it yields now..A dangerous power..My son, who is grown now, was treated very unfairly, by the school system, when he was just 3 years old..Because of his hyperactivity, and special needs problems….HE WAS THROWN OUT OF THE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL…THE INCIDENT SEVERELY TRAUMATIZED MY SON..AND HE PLACED INTO ANOTHER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL..IN A SPECIAL CLASS…HE WAS INJURED BY ONE OF THE STUDENTS IN THIS SPECIAL CLASS..AND REQUIRED STITCHES TO HIS LIP…THE SCHOOL, TO MY UTTER SHOCK AND ANGER, DID NOT EXPELL THAT CHILD..WHO WAS CLEARLY VERY DANGEROUS…THAT WAS THEN..20 YEARS AGO..THAT IS JUST SCARY WHERE WE ARE NOW..AND WHERE WE SEEM TO BE HEADING..PARENTS UNITE..

    • Just an added correction..At 3 years old, David was in day care..I was almost ordered, "under threat" of D.S.S. contact, to place my son on the drug Ritalin..I fought these people with a fury, and refused, in no uncertain terms, to put my 3 year old, on any drug..David was a chapter 766 child..At 5 years old, he was expelled from his elementary school..for not being able.."to adjust in his classroom, to normal daily activities.."…MY SON ENTERED THE U.S. ARMY..WITH ONE OF THE HIGHEST TEST SCORES THAT THEY GIVE..HE IS CURRENTLY WORKING AT A WELL KNOWN AND RESPECTED, FORTUNE 500 COMPANY..AND HAS BEEN MADE BRANCH MANAGER THERE..HE WAS JUST HONORED WITH A SPECIAL AWARD, IN LAS VEGAS, NEVADA…AND WHAT?..WAS THE SCHOOL SYSTEM WRONG ABOUT HIM?…YOU DECIDE..

  6. The charges were not dropped outright. She entered pretrial diversion, last I heard. If she does not complete the program, she'll be back where she started.

  7. […] Source: http://blacklikemoi.com/2013/05/teen-who-was-expelled-from-school-for-science-explosion-receives-ful… […]

  8. I am very happy she got the recognition and scholarship she deserves. But this is not a race issue. This type of stupidity is happening to children of all races because the schools have become enforcers of endless policies and regulations that hinder education.

  9. Only a fool thinks all white people hate blacks.

  10. Truthfully god had nothing to do with any of this. The policy makers of this country of ours need to stop looking back and start looking forward we as a nation have come along way. We still have along way to go and we are not going to get there by looking behind us we need to do as this young lady has done take responsibility for our actions and move forward. An education of any kind at any age is one of the most important things one can do for them selves. I've hitchhiked across this country of ours six times and gone where most white people did not dare and every time I was welcomed with open arms in every community I walked through.I've made my share of mistakes in my life time and always taken responsibility for my actions and the out come of those actions. I have a degree in theology from a seminary school and from what I have seen this nation needs to lose its discriminatory policies forget the colors of it's multicolored skin. and remember that we are all the same color under our skin after all from what I understand God doesn't discriminate why should we? Well that's my two cents.

  11. The police state that has overtaken America has been especially harsh on people of color and the poor. Although the white skin privilege still exists it too has been eroded. But under the heading of "when things were very different" I once compounded nitro glycerine at my dorm room desk, with chemicals stolen from chem lab, at the U Of Wisconsin in 1967. The dorm was evacuated and I was sent to the dean of students who, though very pissed off, did not expel me nor put me on probation-just basically called me an ass and said don't do it again. Can you imagine the consequences if that happened today?

  12. Just another reason public school is a joke. Our system is in trouble……….

  13. Why did the trolls of media take the beauty of this child getting a full scholarship and turn it into a rant about Boyce Watkins, Jesse Jackson and Farrakhan? There is nothing new about social conflicts within the Black community and the system. But can we get some joy without the constant pain? One reason is because we are addicted to what I call the "Good Times" ideology. Meaning just like in "Good Times" no matter how good the news we expect something bad to happen. Because we expect we attract negativity into our lives. Negativity manifests and becomes a constant in your life and our communities. If you believe you are always a victim you will always be a victim. That is the unfortunate truth about these archaic leaders that propagate fear and victimization without real solutions for their own gain. Indeed a shame.

    • I go to read the damn article about the education she is about to get and they talking about jail and felonies. What the hell is new about that?

  14. It does not matter to me, how we discovered her talent. What matter's to me, is that she did.

  15. yep and it onlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy black kids that this happens to…..smh.

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  19. I just want to say that people who don't believe in GOD just ain't going to give him the glory in any situation! GOD is in control in everything in our lives whether we believe in him or not! Have a great day!

    • AMEN

    • AMEN TO THAT BARBARA….you said a mouth full! Without God in your life…it won't prosper nor will it be what you want it to be…

  20. "We have to start asking ourselves why it’s suddenly become so easy for a black child to be sent to prison or jail." Suddenly? Are you kidding? Where have you been the last 50 years if you think locking up black youth is a suddenly happening issue.

  21. Regardless of whether our educational system discriminates against African-American children (and I acknowledge it still does in many places), the issue in question here is not limited to African-American children, but affects children of all races. It seems that the primary purpose of schools is devolving from educating children towards supervising them. Not unlike a prison that detains lawbreakers until they are deemed safe to return to society, school policies are now more geared toward detaining children until they are "safe" to release upon society. And, just like a prison, if the student inmates happen to get some education while serving out their sentences then all the better.

    In short, I don't see this problem as a race issue and I think it is shortsighted to box it into the category of merely a race problem.

  22. Where do you get the idea it is just Black kids? White kids are being mistreated by the schools also. A kid has a NRA shirt and they arrest him. A child chews her morning pastry into the shape of a gun and is expelled. A little girl with a "Hello Kitty" bubble gun to school and is facing the police for her "weapon".

  23. I think the NASA person is the young man depicted in the movie "October Sky". Good movie and good for him for giving back, especially to another young student.

  24. PUBLIC SCHOOLS SUCK – I wish I was smart enough at the time to tell my parents to put me in private school

  25. Congratulations, young lady!

  26. Once again, the plotting of racist cops fell through, which doesn't happen often! There is a war on against black children, as the evil masses try to feel the prisons with them..

  27. All children have potential

  28. You go girl!

  29. I was following this story when it happened, so I'm happy to read this article. Keira well deserves it. The school should also give her a speaking spot at graduation.

  30. Black children are targeted, a lot. But, its not only black children. Its just pretty much all kids. The country is sick with terror fear, and police forces are sick with the power that fear gives. People have been justifying all sorts of wrongs against innocent people, citing safety as a top priority. But, safety isn't the top priority. Civil Liberties are, and should always be the top priority. There are people who make a lot of money off the school to prison pipeline. In Luzerne County, PA, a judge was sent go jail after he sent kids to juvenile detention for years, in exchange for kickbacks. Our irrational belief that the government can protect us from insane people, criminal elements and ourselves with laws and punishment is destroying our children's futures, and robbing them of liberty.

  31. Interesting, I see the same thing happening to kids of all ethnic groups, but it's racial.

  32. I don’t understand why you have to make it all about race. It wasn’t a racial issue. It was a bureaucratic idiocy issue. Why are you making an assumption that the same thing wouldn’t have happened if the girl had been white. That’s absurd.

  33. I took the privileged white people to be that of “white privilege,” not that the white person was “financially privileged.” White privilege is real and race relations could improve if more people were aware of its existence. Your white skin gives you “passes” from cradle to grave that some, daresay, a majority take for granted. It is used when little white children act out in public and no one rebukes them; it is when the white person is impassioned when raising a voice and using profanity but the of color person is acting ignorant or aggressive; it is when you are not followed/stopped by security (or neighborhood watch “captian”); it is why you don’t cringe or pray the crime reported was not by another white person; it is why we tell “little white lies”; and it is why PWT is used to distinguish what you, whites don’t like amongst yourselves – it must be qualified because otherwise – white is right. The white privilege exists. We of color do need to take responsibility for our own choices/actions. Have you kids pull their pants up over their behinds, speak respectful, get an education. My grandmother said life is not fair. As a minority you will need to be better, be smarter, try harder: Sadly, life has proven grandmother right. Play the hand you’re dealt. Have an open communication on race relations – don’t ignore it – if you want improvement. We have similarities and differences. Acknowledge and accept them for a better existence for all.

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