Teen Arrested in Connection With Death of 19 Year Old Missing College Student

missing college studentA man has been arrested in the death of a 19 year old Georgia college student who had been missing for two weeks, according to a local Fox news affiliate.

Jmaal Keyes, 19, was reported missing by his family after being dropped off at college.

Police arrested 17-year-old Robert Kane Rolinson on Thursday evening and charged him in the death of Keyes, who was first reported missing on April 29th.

Keyes’  sister, Jalisa,  told local reporters that she hadn’t heard from her brother since she dropped him off at Middle Georgia College to finish his freshman year.

“I’m sure if he didn’t want to go back and something was really bothering him there, he would have said something to us to lead us to some kind of understanding that something was going on, but he didn’t say anything,” Jalisa Keyes said.

Ricky Mims, who attended the same church as Jamaal Keyes’ family, told reporters earlier this week that Jmaal never would’ve left school without alerting someone.

“This is not like him. We’ve said this and once again, I can’t see him just walking away himself and not telling someone where he’s going,” said Mims.

Prior to the news of Jmaal’s death, Mims had planned a campus-wide search for Tuesday.

Police said that Rolinson was a dual-enrolled high school/Middle Georgia State student. The police did not release any information as it relates to a motive in this case.





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