Sweet Brown Getting Her Own Reality Show

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If you do one interview and sound ignorant and crazy enough, you’ll probably get your own reality show. Sweet Brown is that woman, becoming the latest online sensation to get a chance to embarrass herself full time.   She has already done a cameo on a Tyler Perry movie, and is getting used to her newfound fame. 

“It’s gonna be hilarious. You’re gonna really crack up,” Sweet Brown says of her new show The Sweet Brown’s.

The show is being described as a mix between “The Jeffersons” and “The Beverly Hillbillies.”

And in case that wasn’t enough Sweet for ya, she also has plans to release a game app, cookbook, and a BBQ sauce called Oh Lord Jesus it’s a FIRE.

The Oklahoma native also co-signed another up-and-coming online sensation Charles Ramsey, the local hero who was responsible for locating three women who have been held captive for nearly a decade. She said she found common ground with the unsuspecting star, who’s already been spoofed by comedian Mike Epps.

“One similarity that I see, is that we love people. We gon’ help people,” she said. “What Charles did was great. Because I have daughters and if my kids was missing that long I would want a good Samaritan to rescue my baby. Don’t leave me in the dark. Let me baby come home. So what Charles Ramsey did…I think it was a good thing; thumbs up, Charles.”



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  1. Please no. PLEASE.

    • not unexpected…certainly unnecessary

    • HAHAHA that is ridiculous

    • beyond that. 15 minutes of fame has become cheaper and cheaper for people. this is a gross misrepresentation of lower to middle income black america…. but THIS is going to be what people see and judge us on

    • next, charles ramsey is going to have a talk show.

  2. Amen. Keep em.coming. I love Reality shows.

  3. shut up let her do her think she is being her self not society's robot like most blacks are in the entertainment world.

  4. Reality my butt, just more Buffoonery!

  5. There is nothing wrong with that woman at all , you are the ones who are ignorant.She is homegrown and being herslef and seems kind and real…what else do you want??

  6. I would be honored to be a friend to such a down to earth lady. She is real and I am glad someone saw that and gave her a break. While one is judging they too are being judged. Live and let live!!!

  7. This is not a "down to earth" woman. This is an uneducated, ignorant woman whose stupidity got recognized by America by chance. The sad part here is, America is accepting of this. So sad,,,

  8. She's an uneducated, welfare recipient whose ignorance is being seen as acceptable. She'll get this show and probably won't even know how to balance a checkbook, as I am sure she's probably never had one

  9. How do you know she is uneducated ??? How do you know ??? No matter this is her chance to do something positive and make and do something for her self make her own money and get off the system if she is on the system which I doubt she is. It's a chance to make money for her self and turn it around but u like a crab in the barrel mentality tear it down you hate and tear her down for trying to turn a negative situation into positive coonary into positive. If this is her way to make something of her self why not she can change things

  10. And if she so dumb and can't balance a check book how you know that how is she so smart enough to be around and still extend her 15 mins of fame how is she smart enough to get on the grind???how is she making smart business moves being such a dummy who can't balance a check book??

  11. Sure, "her way of making something of herself". Forget working and going to school. Just wait around til it's handed to you. Whatever man.

  12. Iike I said u assuming shit you know nothing about this lady have you gave her a background check or know her ???? All you know her from is a stupid news clip wit her saying ain't nobody got time for that. U don't know her form a hole in the wall to say that you have no proof or facts to back up your statement. How do you know she not educated

  13. You can tell by the way she talks that she is uneducated. Last I knew "Ebonics" was not a proper form of English. What's as about this, among other things, is that someone who speaks and sounds like this is getting a "free ride" through life. All the while good, hard working honest people have to work their asses off just to barely get by. Where is that persons reality show? What kind of reality show can this possibly be?

  14. Aint nobody got time for that. Im really glad for her. Oraying its a success bcs some media think by going to who they think appear less appealing to make fools of is proof what is meant for evil God will make good.

  15. Hater get you so business …

  16. Well since your so educated she need to hire you to count her money… Hater .

  17. Are you talking about Honey boo boo . What ever that stupid uneducated picture is. You all seem to ignore when white people do stupid crazy picture it is also call uneducated did you say " Ebonics". I KNOW YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT THE REALITY SHOW CALL (HONEY BOO BOO) Right ?

  18. You are talking about the reality show call ( HONEY BOO BOO ? When you start to talk about a dysfunctional family there you go uneducated right there … That picture is down right embarrassing !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. The article has not taken into account, the following fact. This ignorant female will not only embarrass herself, but she will be seen as a representative of black women all over the country.
    That's just how this works in this country!
    I guess success isn't to sweet when you finally figure out they are not laughing with you, they are laughing at you!!!

  20. @ Lisa Ford, I don't watch that show, Honey Boo Boo, either. It's disgusting, and glamorizes morbid obesity.

  21. I am not a hater. If someone makes something of themselves by hard work and dedication, props to them for that. But this will make ignorance socially acceptable. It's not funny, it's how pathetic America is becoming

  22. Congratulations to Sweet Brown! I like her and I wish her success, even though I don’t watch reality shows anymore.

  23. You know, it wouldn't hurt if men like yourself would give this sister some support and respect instead of bad mouthing her, if that isn't asking too much of you. You sound too much like the racists on this comment thread.

  24. Pam Palmer I don't know who's sicker, you are that fool they the racist system gave a reality show too!

    I don't support ignorance, I don't support foolishness. I support my people in the positive light, such as Malcolm X, Garvey, Prosser (Don't worry I don't expect you to know the greats) that would insinuate that you possessed some sort of intelligence – more on that later.

    It's apparent you are are a fool! And it's apparent that you serve your masters very well. Peep this Chumly, that Jedi-Mind-Game doesn't work up in this camp!!!

    Unlike you, I love who and what I am and my people!!!
    I will voice out my displeasure when I see a sister or brother being exploited by these RACIST institutions!!!

    And it's has been a policy of Hollywood to always portray black people in a negative light. And Hollywood has being doing that for close to one hundred years now. Google 'Birth of a Nation', Al Jolson, Stephen Fetchen etc…

    It's apparent you don't love your sister or people. Therefore it goes without saying you don't know how to support your people.

    Back to your intelligence or lack of thereof. You called me a Racist, which just shows your ignorance.
    Here's the definition of Racism – "The belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race"

    You claim that I just said my race is inferior, which doesn't make any sense!
    If anyone is the racist on this thread is you! Why? Because you're willing to sacrifice your sister to a people that will exploit her for their benefit!!!
    You're a sellout!

  25. Dwight Holland hun I understand both of you the facts ppl in their heart already sterio type ppl of black heritages and no matter what you cannot change that a star will be seen no matter where it is like wise a diamond and if its her time only almighty set the pact…..

  26. well said lisa I just let them know a diamond is still a diamond no matTer where is it and it will be seen almighty ppl still,,,, M J SAID DONT POINT YOUR FINGER THAT AINT GOOD

  27. First of it is call reality TV. Question when white people get on T.V. and make a fool of themselves it is okay. Now you got a black woman getting that same break and she is label as uneducated. whites do it all the time and it seems to be okay. Now If you can't support her just leave her alone, She not the one hurting the black race it that crab mentality that what hurting the blacks…… And yea I guess I am a fool.

  28. I guess Kim Kardashian has put in hard work … On her back trying to lay ever black professional basketball , football, rap singer she can find. now that girl but in some hard work piggy back off of them., I don't see you writing about that….Now she is what pathetic America has became!!!!! The crazy thing about America you all choose what is good or bad in your eye site . Wake up and smell l the coffee. Everything is screw up stop trying to put a label on color. White people are screwed up to… Hello …………………….

  29. And here you go playing "the race card". Never once did I comment on sweet browns race. That is not the issue here. Her illiteracy is the issue. Let's stick to the real conversation and quit making everything black and white. This is not a black white issue. As long as blacks keep blaming everything on the white people being racist, We'll never be a "nation of one". Just because I am white and have an opinion on this particular topic, it does not mean I am racist. If this article was about Kim K, I would have a very similar opinion. She is a whore. But again, this is a completely different type of stupidity. Black people are just as much a cause of racism as the racist white people. Not all of us care about race.

  30. Slimdred Figaro I really don't think you do understand. She isn't a star, nor a diamond in the rough. That's just something black women with no etiquette, self respect, or self worth tells themselves just to get by each and everyday. You see they have to tell themselves these lies, otherwise they would have to face the truth and deal with their ratchetness, deal with their lack of education, and above all deal with the fact they don't love themselves.. A, poor, ratchet women don't want to deal with that kind responsibility, you know self growth, and self improvement. And I sorry that you can't see, or understand the fact that the racist society is taking advantage of her ignorance, and poverty. She isn't talented, nor a diamond, she's a clown for them. If you can't see that,I that white man's dollar is your god.

  31. Lisa Horner Ford
    First off you are in no position to tell me anything! You don't like what I'm saying then don't respond!

    From your fingers to my eyes. 'And yea I guess I'm a fool'
    At least you admit that much.

    Your logic and rational is weak. Let me tell you why. You've made a statement comparing black women and white women. Since white women do it, why is there a problem for a black women?
    Is that your basic premise?
    OK let's examine that

    I would prescribe to that logic if black women did everything that white women do.
    For example:
    – White women don't have a 72% percent rate of being single mothers
    – White women don't have a high divorce rate as black women.
    – White women get married and start and hold their families together.
    – White women children aren't leading the pact as the most incarcerated
    – White women children aren't leading in the most high school drop out rates
    – White women children aren't leading on white one white violence
    – White women children aren't leading in the least college graduation
    – White women children aren't leading in the most unemployed
    I think you get my drift, So if a white women wants to get on TV and play hill-billy, let them.
    That doesn't give anyone the excuse to follow them.
    So again your logic is flawed and is based on immaturity and lack of reasoning.
    PS – Only whores let themselves get exploited for the money…

  32. how dear to slaughter GOD CREATION LIKE THAT YOU ARE VERY ROOTLESS,i used the term diamond because it matters not it will glitter in dust… am not comparing skin the good book (bible) teaches no matter what the poor we shall have with us always, and who are you to say she got no self worth hello let me not preach here for you smh all your fingers aint the same length you need to stop point your fingers fair enough if you don't support the sister but you are in no position to speak down or describe any living thing on this planet earth check yourself and emancipate yourself from mental slavery

  33. lisa don't bother with them jealousy kills

  34. sweet brown its your time to shine if you feel like pissing shitting farting it is all normal being true to yourself is always a winner some will love you and some will hate you trust almighty n put him 1st you don't need to used big words or wear the finest dress just have a loving clean heart and you will hit the haters in their eyes…..

  35. What you said !!!!!!!

  36. Slimdred Figaro Oh my, you are one of those Christians Coons, who profess to know the Scriptures.
    Listen, I have more important things to do, instead of discussing a ignorant, backwards Black Women who has lost her way, with another ignorant Black woman who apparently is a hypocrite.

    First off spare me that Sanctimonious Bible BS!!!
    I know you don’t have an ounce of pious or truth in you! So drop the act sister it’s not flying here!!
    You claim to be knowledgeable when you are all about foolishness. You have the very nerve to talk about God creation, and whirling around the Bible (without quoting scripture) when in truth and fact you are a very abomination to the Most high.
    Why? Woman you celebrate and worship Satan (Apollyon)! Through the worship and practice of Christmas as it is depicted in your icon! It’s Apparent you have no idea of what you’re saying!!! And it's apparent you don't know the Most High or his Son.

    You violate the very command of the Most High as it is brought out in Jer. 10:1 “Do not learn the ways of the nation.” 10:3 “For the practices of the peoples are worthless; they cut a tree out of the forest, and a craftsman shapes it with his chisel. They adorn it with silver and god; they fasten it with hammer and nails so it will not totter”. Sounds like Christmas to me. So I won’t stand by being lecture by demonic hypocrites!
    Now that I have establish your ignorance and hypocrisy in the word of the Most High, now on to the point!
    I will point my fingers and judge foolishness and demonic demons and call them out all day long, especially when it comes to my brothers and sisters!!!

    I’m given that right Lev 19:15 “Ye shall do no unrighteousness in judgment; thou shalt not respect the person of the poor nor honor the person of the mighty; but in righteousness shalt thou judge thy neighbor”. That where my right to judge comes from.

    Now here’s my right to reprove my neighbor. 17-“Thou shalt not hate they brother in thine heart; thou shalt in any wise rebuke thy neighbor, and not suffer sin upon him”
    So before you start with that Bible nonsense crap, you need to know what you’re talking about!
    And like I say she’s too ignorant, and is teeming in unrighteousness and she's an embarrassment to all the hard working, righteous Black Women who do care, and love their families! I don't expect you to understand that kind of selfless thinking.
    So don’t step to me again, unless you know what you’re talking about. I have not time to sit here and teach an old woman who should know better!

  37. hahahahhahaha mad man on the rant head gone skin tin you need to eeeeee ya stress no woman needs a man like you so go play with ya self wanka

  38. Slimdred Figaro Let me correct you sweetie. A woman like you don't need a man like me. You need a man more your speed. more your caliber. You know the one who plays with blocks, the one with a sixth grade education. That's more your style and level of understanding.

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