Singer Omarion Is Upset at Choreographer Who’s Suing Michael Jackson for Abusing Him


The singer Omarion had some nasty things to say about the man who is suing Michael Jackson for allegedly abusing him when he was young.  Wade Robson, a famous choreographer, has filed suit, alleging that Jackson s-xually abused him as a child, and this has Omarion furious.

“I can’t believe that … I can’t believe you would sue a dead man,” he said. 

But Robson is sticking to his guns, stating that Jackson abused him from the age of 7 until he was 13.   All of this happened on his Neverland Ranch.  What’s unclear is why any kids were on the ranch after Jackson’s first trial took place, and why his parents allowed him to go there.

The choreographer, famous for working with Pink, Britney Spears, and Usher, is seeking unspecified damages from the state. Omarion called the allegations “unbelievable”. When asked why he thought Robson took so long to come forward Omarion said, “I don’t know maybe, you know he’s like in a position where, you know he needs some extra change or something like that. I don’t know. You know what I’m sayin’? But I just think it’s whack.”

Jackson’s former attorney also thinks that Wade’s allegations are completely bogus as well. Attorney Tom Mesereau says that such a late claim by Robson has got to be all about money. Back in 2005 Robson even testified, under oath, that Jackson never touched him saying, “I’m telling you that nothing ever happened.” During the hearing in, 2005 Robson claimed that while he slept alongside Michael during their sleepovers, at Neverland Ranch, that Michael would kiss his cheek but never touched him inappropriately.

The attorney for the MJ Estate, Howard Weitzman, also weighed in, telling TMZ, “Mr. Robson’s claim is outrageous and pathetic. This is a young man who has testified at least twice under oath over the past 20 years and said in numerous interviews that Michael Jackson never did anything inappropriate to him or with him.” He adds,“Now, nearly 4 years after Michael has passed, this sad and less than credible claim has been made.”

Robson claims that he suffers from “repressed memory”. Other allegations were brought against Jackson in the past but were dismissed or settled out of court. Do you think that Robson is just looking to get paid?

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  1. showme theevidence at 12:52 pm

    This raises many questions, not about jackson either. Why was wade robson willing to commit perjury by defending a man accused of child molesation and potentially setting him free to abuse more children as a result? Why has wade robson waited for the statute of limitations to run out on consequences for committing perjury (8years) to suddenly accuse michael jackson now. Why did robson participate in many michael jackson tributes of his own volition if he felt so strongly about what jackson had done to him? And finally is there any significance in the timing of his accusation and the jackson vs AEG case? This will need a decent investigator to look into this and sort out what’s fact from lies, which may be difficult in robsons case because as he claims himself, this guy can not only lie under oaf but withstand some very strong interrogation from accomplished prosecutors.

    • NC at 10:30 pm

      I am backing Wade Robson 100%, I believe his claims, 1 he was a child 2 he had repressed memories which happens a lot of the time 3 I had the same thing happen to me with someone else and I am 42 I know it happened but I can not bring myself to saying it because I do not have facts times places I do not remember specifics and this happened to me as a child yes. Michael Jackson is the greatest entertainer of all time and I love his music but truth be told he did do this and plus ignorant people should be able to accept this he paid an undisclosed amount to other kids for this duh.

      • Dr Luv at 11:47 pm

        This lawsuit would clearly have to be thrown out eventually. There are too many factors that questions the credibility of Wade Robson; and what kind of proof does he have — maybe an “MJ sperm stain” on his glitter glove? Please. Repressed memories is not something he should be using in his defense. The attorneys for the MJ estate should be looking at FALSE MEMORY SYNDROME which is far more common and applicable to this case. This guy must clearly be loosing his marbles—. What a waist of time.

  2. Vince Jackson at 10:19 am

    First of all if it would have been me, im sorry but even at age 7 i wouldve told my parents the first time it happened and wouldnt have happened ever again cuz they wouldnt have let me gone back and i wouldnt have gone back anyway. Then, how come he testifies twice, and now that mj is dead ooh my memory 🙁 i remember all of these sad things NOW. Not when i was swearing under oath. Fuck wade, mj made u the choreographer you are and this is how he pays him back and ure dumb enough to believe that shit

  3. Ish Muhammad at 9:10 am

    This is BS sueing a Dead Man this looks like some cracker BS they want them Beatles Songs crackers want them Songs! We don’t care about these Gay Woods! Money the Root of all evil

  4. Ish Muhammad at 9:14 am

    Why did that Wood kill Himself then? If MJ did this the Man now said he hollered 187 because he could no apologize for what He did at his Fathers & Sisters request

  5. Theresa MvnFwd Carter at 5:48 pm

    Smh. It's sad when a person can't even Rest in their grave due to nonsense like this. Wade needs to go sit his head on the dresser someplace bcuz he looks like a complete fool!

  6. Esther Owens-Hamilton at 6:22 pm

    People will do anything for money! That is why it is the rule to all evil, money! Saadddddd

  7. Jamal Waters at 6:46 pm


  8. Ruby from NJ at 6:09 pm

    Omarion has it right. The first question I had upon reading the story was, why now? If this man was abused back then, where were his parents? Why didn’t they come forward when Michael Jackson was on trial? This is a play for “some change,” as Omarion says. I don’t use a lot of slang, but I agree that this lawsuit is “whack.”

  9. JC at 9:51 pm

    Wade Robson MAY have been abused by Michael Jackson. A GAG ORDER or court settlement may have included not talking or suing a person (MJ) or their estate for a length of time or until AFTER THEIR DEATH. MJ was not stupid & maybe a lot slicker than most folks think, his money bought the best lawyers. The QUESTION should be—why did MJ have a need or desire to have anyone’s kid(s) in his bed or have overnight stays with kids in his private quarters without their patrents????? AND let’s not forget the parents who let this sort of thing happen–pimping their children or telling the child to lie in court. I hope it ALL comes out,
    just like bishop longs shady doings.

  10. JC at 11:05 pm

    ALSO, Emmanuel Lewis’s (80’s child star) parents sued Michael Jackson & delails of the case was never disclosed to the public. MJ had money,power & connections—if you or your child kept their mouth shut, all would benefit. Maculay Culkiin said MJ gave him aids & MJ was caught fondling him when he was boy. Who really knows the truth or how many kids,parents,etc. are involved.
    These people are very well protected,but I hope it ALL come out.

  11. JC at 11:05 pm

    ALSO, Emmanuel Lewis’s (80’s child star) parents sued Michael Jackson & delails of the case was never disclosed to the public. MJ had money,power & connections—if you or your child kept their mouth shut, all would benefit. Maculay Culkiin said MJ gave him aids & MJ was caught fondling him when he was boy. Who really knows the truth or how many kids,parents,etc. are involved.
    These people are very well protected.

  12. Kandi Currie at 11:53 am

    Michael is not here to defend himself so therefore I really don't think the court should even entertain this allegation. And Rob should be sued for continued slander of Michaels name. People will stop at nothing.

  13. Mijjd Jackson at 5:42 pm

    This man praised MJ many times and even testified in defense of MJ, I don't think anyone here would hesitate to stand up for real victims of abuse, but if you know anything about MJ and the evil backstabbing coat tail riding trifling jealous low down scum that surrounded him you would understand that most claims that ever came against MJ have and where proven totally fabricated and money driven. Also Wade should be jailed for giving a false statement under oath if we r to believe what he is now saying is true, because he would be aiding a criminal (molester) to continue his crimes, if Wade was a victim wouldn't he have wanted to see MJ jailed and no other child to be a victim? But no he waited till the man is dead to make a claim and the only benefit he will receive is that of a substantial payday, so one has to ask themselves does this make sense….NOPE!!! Either way you look at it Wade is a liar, was he lying at the trial or is he lying now?!?!

  14. Taylor Arlette Jackson at 5:56 pm

    Jackson was found innocent of any wrong doing and found not to fit the profile of a pedophile. Also the FBI tapped his phones and watched MJ for 15 years, didn't find any child porn and families were proven liars in court with evidence. Not one shred of evidence was found against MJ. His FBI files and court transcripts (which are public info) support his innocence. As for the 93 settlement, he had no control over it ( evidence in court docs, Obligation to pay the civil settlement rested on Jackson's insurance company. The only control MJ had was amount of money paid, he was badly advised and couldn't prevent it. Terms of the settlement were for negligence ONLY, and MJ maintained his complete innocence in the terms of settlement for negligence, which the chandlers agreed to and they took rhe money, dropped the false charges. Robson also keeps changing his story. He now says it's not repressed memory, and that he was coached over the phone. However, MJ was being watched during the time Robson was allegedly "molested."

  15. Laura Burt at 11:10 am

    The problem with the whole thing, is he initially said it was repressed, NOW he claims he never forgot but he didn't see it as abuse.
    One of the questions he was asked during the trial was "Did he (MJ) ever touch you over your clothes?" he answered no.
    "Did he ever put his hands in your underwear?"
    He answered no.
    "Did you ever shower together?"
    Not only did he say no, he elaborated with "I've used the shower myself, he was never in there with me."
    He was asked if this may have happened in his sleep.
    His response?
    "I think something like that would wake me up."
    Now, if he "always knew" but "didn't think it was abuse" he would have answered YES to those questions surely, not believing it to be wrong???
    Add to that the FACT that MJs phones were TAPPED during the time Wade claims he was being "coached" and NO calls were made to him at that time, its clear what this is.

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