Shemar Moore Implies that Toni Braxton Chased Him for His “Bedroom Skills”

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Did you know that Shemar Moore once dated Toni Braxton?  Well, now you know.  Moore broke the kiss-and-tell rule by going public with comments about Braxton that she didn’t seem to like very much.   Moore went into detail about what it was like to be with both Toni Braxton and Halle Berry, along with all the other groupies they shared a man with with over the drawn out s-x life of Shemar Moore.

Moore said that Toni Braxton was a “wild ride,” and that she essentially chased him so she could sleep with him.

“Toni was very upset over Shemar’s remarks,” an insider told the National Enquirer. “Shemar made it sound like Toni was chasing him just to have s-x.”

The friend continued, stating that Braxton felt that Moore was being rude by comparing women in public and discussing their private affairs.

“She thought his comments were in poor taste, and when he compared her to Halle, that was just classless and disrespectful.”

Moore seemed to feel that the fling with Braxton didn’t have much meaning, but that his relationship with Halle meant a great deal more to him.

“I fell hard for Halle,” he told BET.

You can read the full interview here.

For all the ladies who are chasing down the s-xy men in your own life, check out this article on HealthyBlackWoman.com about how you can catch an STD even without having s-x with someone.  Sleeping around is nothing to be proud of, whether you are a man or a woman.


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  1. Can you say Tacky! oh well

  2. your losin it shemar.

    • tacky

  3. That's a bitch mive.

  4. Sorry, I've seen his dick and it is neither a grower or a shower. LOL maybe he's talking about his oral skills.

  5. swole head and small dick makes a man brag about his sex life to the public. what happens between the sheets stays between the sheets.

  6. You are soooooo through…you're not that cute dude. GOD will make you fall to your knees. You appear too think that you have it like that. Payback is a motherfxxxxx…..

  7. Your not that great looking fix those bottoms teeth dude

  8. Wow Shemar, thought you were better than this..

  9. We see WHY Halle kicked you to the curb now! FAIL.

  10. Sista's……….smh

  11. WTF is Shemar Moore doing these days anyway? Sounds like he needs some" ink" to feel relevant for a day or so.

    • he's the star on one of the most popular shows today ..Criminal Minds ….

  12. OK… women stay away from Shemar Moore cuz now you know. Sleep with him and you will be his next news topic tomorrow.

    BTW… I like the way Michael Jackson handled that white heifer Lisa Marie Presley when she went all public talking about the way he did things in bed… when the press called him for a "scoop" after she told everybody his business… he sent one of his "people" to reply with these words:


    Thank you, Michael. That's class.


  14. So what…..who cares

  15. Okay, I just red the entire article. This snipit is miss leading. He was not airing dirty laundry. -And he didn't make it seem like Toni was chasing him. I really wish magazines woul stop twisting stories.

    • Twisted or not, don't kiss and tell everybody about what we did. No one knew about their affairs until he said something. Very distasteful.

  16. he always thinking some woman wants him because he fine, gtfoh,

  17. If shemar is going to be so open about his sex life he should also be just as candid about his relationships with men. He had sex with a very close friend friend of mine who is male and from what I hear he has a beautiful body but a very small winga wanga. Also toni braxton and I share close friends for years and I seem to remember her mentioning in private him having a little winga wanga….. this may be why these women dont stay and he is single. Not to also mention that he is bi sexual.

  18. It’s embarrassing for any man who has a woman saying he doesn’t have much below I mean that’s their pride and joy and Most women if not all want their men to be well endowed and hate the thought of a woman suggesting otherwise just saying.

    • a REAL MAN wouldnt do no shit like dat anyway. Look how long ago dat was! It sounds like he Low-rated toni and High-rised halli bcus she biracial just like him and she been in the idustry longer.But wont tell da world WHY they broke up

  19. What a p#%$y! Sisters…go after the real brothers those Hollyweird types are just about themselves.

  20. Another case of “if you lay down with dogs” like Sharmar, they will give you fleas and put your biz in the streets. He is a good for nothin low down dirty…scum bag of a half breed.

  21. He definitley is not as good looking as he use to look matter of fact he looks rather old.But the fact that he put that out in the streets shows that he has no charater or respect for himself let alone Halle or Toni.And women probably want run to him as fast now that he has said this about these Ladies.Has he got so low in life that this is all he have too do reminds me of Brian Mcknight and the low life he sunk into and have the nerve to think anyone decent would pay to see him in concert.SMH

    • u r SOO rite. I saw dat when i looked at his new photos.And he’s ONLY 43.He dont look youthful as in young 4 his age, dats y he so stuck on his BODY bcus dats the only thing dats attractive.

  22. Wow…..

  23. Read what he actually said–it was not bad. He said he was new and a baby when he met Toni. Does that sound like he had a big head? He admitted he was inexperienced–not that he was good in bed. Read and think for yourself.

  24. Is he even relevant these days??. Lil boy move, he won’t be going far those loose lips

  25. I use to support him. With this one, I’m a ex-fan.

  26. look if it was a booty CALL? Shemar and Toni both knew it (like women can’t talk about their booty calls and they do more-so than men do-so let’s keep it REAL shall we?..

    ..and if Shemar is lacking in the dy*k department and Toni said it? ( as women OFTEN do to their GF) that’s why Shemar said what he said that she was sweating him .. Toni you can’t have it both ways.. you chased him for the booty call and was disappointed.. and told it..LOL.. you reap what you sew..

    • how do u know dat she chased him for dick just cuz dats how he put it

  27. I think she was too much for him, he couldn’t handle it and now he’s trying to get back at her. He’s not fooling anybody. That crack about comparing her to Halle Berry is a ploy to get a beef going between Halle and Toni. You’re wash up punk Shemar.

  28. *Come on out* SHEmar…LOL!!!! Them Down low Hollywood *MEN ONLY* sex parties are well publicized! Ask Jacky Jasper LOL

  29. The ultimate sign of a pure cad. Talking about your sex life publicly is one thng, but naming names is another. Why is he doing this? Is he trying to pre-empt some "rumors" about his sex life?

  30. Isn't Shemar gay? That is probably why he is bragging about sex with women. I like his character on Criminal Minds, but it seems the real life Shemar is an A**.

  31. Wow!! Good looks and sex appeal can sure cause problems. (smile!)

  32. Mr Moore. Over 40 never been married real pretty in the face!..
    This usually means you lack the good bedroom skills in bed!..
    When a man has to do an interview about pasy celebrities they date with regard to sex…. Yeh your not all that in bed.. Not to mention i know a few people who have slept with you and say they weren't impressed!..
    You have a beautiful face and banging body.. But it's just like Christmas.. It's only good for a season…


  34. Shemar is going bald and starting to look OLD. Who cares??

  35. He never implied that Toni chased him for sex, but he did say that his relationship with Halle meant a lot to him. There's no kissing and telling here. Shemar has always been linked to both ladies. Plus, that was a LONG time ago. Halle and Toni have each had several relationships and marriages since they dated Shemar. Nothing to see here….

  36. You know, I'm really starting to have a bit of disdain for this site and "the journalistic content" it prints! If you click on the link that says "read the full article"; you'll find that his comments were taken completely out of context. Recently, I've found several of your articles to lack integrity! Smh, because I didn't realize your purpose was to compete with gossip "mags" and tabloids.

  37. That ish is f*k face foul!

  38. Or his twerking skills

  39. Wow!! So this is how we all feel? Well, I appreciate everyone comments. Everyone has a right to his or her on opinion. And I’ll take this as a learning experience. I never meant to disappoint or discourage anyone from enjoying or supporting me in my life endeavors. Thank you all for your no hold barred comments. Sometimes, we that are in the limelight need to hear these things to keep us grounded.. I apologize to you all and Toni..

  40. Wow!! So this is how we all feel? Well, I appreciate everyone comments. Everyone has a right to his or her on opinion. And I’ll take this as a learning experience. I never meant to disappoint or discourage anyone from enjoying or supporting me in my life endeavors. Thank you all for your no hold barred comments. Sometimes, we that are in the limelight need to hear these things to keep us grounded.. I apologize to you all and Toni..

  41. That's wut I wud say if I was him but maybe he likes he fans disrespecting him. Not very loyal fans I suppose.. But I cud be a very Gud PR person for him..

  42. That's not a good way to get attention and keep fans, "Baby Boy"….. 🙁

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