One-Year Old Baby Was first to Die in 12 Memorial Day Shootings in Baltimore

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Baltimore is a sad place to be these days, and police say that it got sadder last week when a 16-month old baby was shot and killed.  The baby’s shooting wounded his father and police are saying that it was a setup.

Two men, Cornell Harvey, 26, and Eddie Tarver, 20, have been charged with first and second degree murder in the shooting death of Carter Scott.  The young child’s father, Rashaw Scott, was also injured in the shooting.  He is in critical condition and may not survive the attack.


The father and son were sitting in their car when the shooting took place.  Three men wearing latex gloves shot at the car 16 times.   The baby was found unresponsive and pronounced dead at Johns Hopkins Hospital an hour later.

The boy’s father went to the Maryland Schock Trauma center, where he received surgery.   He said that before the shooting, Harvey called to have him pick him up so they could hang out together.

After Scott arrived, Harvey told him to drive a few blocks away so he could talk to a girl.   His son was in the back seat.

That is when the attack took place.

Scott says that he saw three men shooting at the car.  Police in the area heard gunshots and came into the apartment complex.  That’s where officers saw a man with a hoodie and a white long sleeve shirt shooting at the car.

After chasing Tarver for six miles, they caught him with patrol cars and a helicopter.  Police have leads on other suspects.

This was the first of 12 shootings that took place in Baltimore on Memorial Day alone.



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  1. OMG Poor lil one Good Lord such an innocent.

  2. That poor, darling baby. God Bless her soul. She is now with God. But, this story sounds like a gang attack to me. 16 shots, ….they were after somebody. Maybe it was a mistaken identity. Sad story.

  3. Tarver was quickly arrested Friday night. But it wasn’t until Sunday that detectives arrested the man they believe was his accomplice, Harvey, a man who just months ago was found not guilty in a separate murder trial.

    Carter’s heartbroken mother declined to speak with WJZ. Instead she posted pictures of her young son on Twitter and wrote “My world gone,” “I will never be the same” and “What type of man shoots a baby?”

    The big question in all of this: why?

    So far, police have not released a motive for the murder.

    The suspects face a long list of charges, including murder and attempted murder. They are being held without bail.

  4. So very sad!! Poor baby!! Some people are sick!! Human life means nothing these days!!

  5. Sad.

  6. its beginning to be too much for the communities. No where is safe. May God have mercy on their souls.

  7. Where does it stop? If they want to kill each other over drugs, etc., that’s fine with me, apparently it is ok with their parents since they did not raise them any better. But to kill innocent babies over their stupidity breaks my heart and how can they live with themselves, I guess the drugs kill any feelings they have at all. Young women need to wake up and realize who they are having babies by, if you must choose such sorry excuse for a man, then don’t bring babies into this world so they can die, after all, the children did not ask for this!

  8. Very Very sad story.


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