Nicki Minaj Insulted by Host at Access Hollywood


Nicki Minaj has been getting insulted in public for what some are calling “rude” and “indignant” behavior.  The rest of us might just say she’s ghetto.  However you want to look at it, she’s not getting good reviews from people who have been with her behind the scenes and in front of the camera.   One reporter at Access Hollywood, Billy Bush, went onto The Today Show to say that Minaj walked away from one of his field reporters because she didn’t like his questions

The reporter, Laura Saltman, asked Minaj about her feud with Mariah Carey.  Harmless enough, right? Sorry, you’re wrong.  After looking at her like she was crazy, Minaj responded with, “That question didn’t even make sense.” “So if you want me to insinuate [sic] what you’re talking about I’m not going to. So let’s just have some straightforward questions…. Okay goodnight.” Saltman blogged about her encounter with Minaj writing, “In my 20 years in entertainment news, I have interviewed close to 5,000 celebrities — people who have bigger bragging rights than Nicki. Men and women who have Oscars, Grammys and Emmys. Yet, by far, she is the most ungracious of anyone I have met.”  

Bush went in on the Idol judge, on Friday’s episode of Access Hollywood saying, “She’s [Minaj] like the miss female Kanye. Just a Pariah.” He continued, “Mariah and the Pariah.” “I’ve just about had it with her.” “She’s so rude and so indignant.”

Minaj was more than offended by being called “unprofessional” and took to her twitter account to address Bush. She tweeted, “The Audacity of you to call me nasty with your one sided journalism. That’s what you ppl do. Yes. I AM the female Kanye c**t @billybush.”

Bush has extended an invitation to Minaj to appear on Access Hollywood to settle their feud. All of this because the rapper did not want to answer a question that she deemed inappropriate. Was Minaj right for walking away and not being intimidated by reporters? Could she have handled it in a better way?

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    • Chevas Samuels at 3:09 pm

      You call what she said the 'high road?" The price of fame and a nasty attitude is to be questioned by reporters about everything. She pretty much called the reporter 'dumb' and then used some big words in the wrong context. Had she just refused to answer the question by smiling and changing the subject, that would have been the 'high road.' What she did and said was tacky.

    • Phoenix Rising at 8:57 am

      Chevas Samuels How is not talking about garbage not taking the high road? Her name is Niki…not mariah so if they wanted to talk to mariah they should have called her…not nikki. And if they can call her trash she can call them dumb……..please.

  1. Shae TrueGoddess at 5:47 pm

    Minaj is an idiot an far less than an artist. she IS a pariah…and a classless one at that. YUK.

    • Phoenix Rising at 8:55 am

      well she is a grown ass woman….who can tell her when to speak and when not to? And if she said the question was inappropriate then it was. If a reporter wants to keep up shit just to keep their ratings high so be it…bur remember that is what they are doing. Good she was smart enough not to play into that trap. Some people so blinded by the light that they think as long as they are in it it's all good. If I was in the light they would call me trash because half the questions they as I'd be like kiss my ass…….and then I will tell you.

  2. Reginald Duane Thurman at 7:10 pm

    She is garbage. She mad cause Mariah busted her out about she has no number one albums since she been out. And she starting to fall of cause people are tired of her corny ass. Everything about her is fake. She'll fall off soon enough its just a matter of time.

    • Belinda M Cunningham at 10:28 pm

      I saw her once and BET and promised myself that I would never allow my brain cells to be that insulted. Her voice alone made my skin crawl and American Idol should be taken off the air if they think she's worthy to judge anyone's talent.

  3. Jussayin at 10:17 pm

    No she didn’t have to answer the question but she is always stank acting and very unprofessional. Take away all that makeup, the ridiculous wigs and her man-made looks and she still would be a funny looking wanch!! I know she’ll do anything in her power not to, but I can’t wait for the day this yamp becomes irrelevant! Money does NOT equate talent or class. Don’t believe me ask Paris Hilton and all the Kartrashians!!

  4. Kozette Cookie Toe-Bells Blackmon at 5:43 am


    • Phoenix Rising at 9:01 am

      how is she not being herself….just because she is creative and imaginative doesn't make her fake…it makes her an entertainer/artist…if people worried more about them versus others they would now thy selves.

  5. Porcelain at 1:59 am

    Nicki, could have been a lot nicers and said she prefers not to answer that question, does she have another one.

  6. Tommy Jackson at 3:47 pm

    Nikki is one of the fakest bitches in the industry a flas in the pan, and all the cooking is has been done. So what does that say about all these so called fans of her's are they just as fake and indignant as she is SMH!

    • Phoenix Rising at 9:00 am

      I have to say…..she might be fake but her money ain't….and trust you be eyeballin those same fake bitches….wishing you was with them. Reason……because homely looking chicks just ain't in…..mariah is fake…her tits……her trying to forget she is half black…yea….shit like that makes you fake too.

  7. ericaf at 12:09 pm

    For some reason reporters feel they can ask her over and over about Mariah, she has a right to be pissed. She doesn’t owe them ish, they for the most part are not her fan base anyways, so she owes them nothing. They are all team Mariah anyway.

  8. traceyb at 12:11 am

    I am not a fan of Nikki but she definitely could have been the bigger, better woman and declined to answer the question in a more tasteful way. She just gave them something negative to bash her with. Why can’t she be a lady once in a while instead of an ignorant jackass most of the time?

  9. Mike at 9:35 am

    Nikki is all fake on the outside but real on the inside, I’m not a Nikki fan, but I will speak in this young sisters defense…first of all…I wouldn’t have answered that dumb a$$ question either. Don’t you black folks see that the white media is always looking for something to stir up. That reporter was trying to plain out instigate some crap that had already been squashed between Nikki and Mariah. Nikki did just what she was suppose to do, and that was to walk away form some dumb a$$ reporter trying to bring up something that happened months ago. Nikki is young and has a long way to go, and I’m not hating on her for getting paid. No!! I don’t like the fake stuff she wears, or her music. but I will speak in this young sisters defense, when I see white people trying to jam her up. Nikki paused for a moment before she walked away. The reporter had the opportunity to say something else but didn’t ask any more questions. Why? Because she was only interested in stirring up some bull $h!t between two black sisters. We as people have to pay attention to who’s making comments about our people whether we like the person or not, and should not be so quick to agree with these racist white folks. Nikki speaks her mind, that’s something white folks don’t like. Especially when it’s a black female, they didn’t like Malcom, they didn’t like Martin, and a whole host of other blacks who spoke or speak their minds. I’ll put up with Nikki’s fake looks any day before I’d put up with these disrespectful jackasses walking around with their pants hanging off their a$$es, looking like they’re dragging a diaper. Got more platinum and gold in their mouths than king tuts secret tomb. The people who hired Nikki, knew what her attitude was like, and hired her anyway.

  10. Lisa Washington at 4:52 pm

    I must say the conflict between Nicki & Mariah is uncomfortable to watch. It's like watching your parents fight. You love them both and it just hurts you to see it. Mariah does have way more bragging rights & Nicki should have stuck to beefin with that washed up has been, Lil Kim. Nicki needs to pump her brakes and do a little self examination. Just because you make it biv doesn't give you license to be rude and entitled. That's a quick way yo tank your career. And the LAST person she should compare herself to is Kanye West. Illuminati b@$&/*¿. He makes me throw up…eeeaaaarrrlll!!!

  11. Veronica at 1:20 am

    Kudos to Nicky!!

    I think it’s high time the press get to know the “new celebrities” whom don’t feel pressed or obligated to answer inappropriate questions from paparazzi. I feel Nicky walking away was a very classy thing to do. The press has held Black celebrities hostage for far to long by asking completely inappropriate, intrusive, insulting and misleading questions. The press has also used the media as a means of belittling or dehumanizing black people. Cheers to you Nicky don’t take know BS from anyone.

  12. Anonymous at 4:25 am

    That's my girl. If the reporter asked me a stupid question I wouldn't answer it either. You go girl. Too bad for the haters.

  13. Dez BankRoll Gooddine at 12:11 pm

    Yall are a mess Nikki is just being her just like the rest of us why shud we hv a say in hw she acts smh .Whn Madonna ,Lady gaga or whoever do crazy sht yall applaude thm y'all just mad cuz she not wildin out sniffin powder drinkin and dancin on the bar like other celebrities. Leave her alone if i or you didnt wanna talk to sm1 we wud walk away rite ok thn she cn do the same .A person is a person dnt hv to do anything they dnt wanna do wht they mad 4 is she didnt entertain the medis wit they bullsht they did it wit pac and biggie!!!!hello

  14. Missp Williams at 5:30 pm

    I don't care what she did (although I do agree with her walking away)…however the bigger picture is that they/caucasoids feel as if it's ok for a white man to degrade a black woman and that is never ok…To hell with Billy Bush! I suppose Barbra Streisand & Barbara Walters are interviewing angels? NOT!

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