Mike Tyson Gets a New Cartoon on Adult Swim


Mike Tyson has spent his life as a walking cartoon character, so now he gets a chance to be a real one.  The show “Mike Tyson Mysteries,” is set to appear on Adult Swim, allowing Tyson to have a great post-boxing career.  We just hope that Mike’s life is put together and his mental health is in order.   This is a big move for Mike, and adds to his recent achievements as an actor.  It stars Tyson and a pigeon, so the show should be funny. 

Adult Swim says it’s turning Mike Tyson into a cartoon detective.

The network announced a new animated series Friday called “Mike Tyson Mysteries” that will feature the retired boxing champ.

On the show, a cartoon version of Tyson will solve wacky problems, assisted by a trusty associate: a foul-mouthed pet pigeon. The network said Tyson will voice the animated character, as well as make live-action appearances.

The show is targeted for next season, but no premiere date was specified.

Among other programming planned for its 2013-14 season, Adult Swim announced “Robot Chicken DC Comics Special II.” It’s a second spinoff of the cable network’s long-running stop-motion sketch comedy series.


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