Megan Good’s New Show is Cancelled by NBC

Deception - Season Pilot

It seemed like the perfect formula.  You get a woman who looks almost identical to Kerry Washington and create a show with a name that sounds almost the same.  But apparently, “Scandal” is more interesting than “deception,” since Megan Good is about to hit the bricks.  The show has been cancelled after a very short run on NBC.   It only got a 1.1 rating in the 18- 49 demographic, which is a pretty instant death sentence for everyone involved.

Good is a great actress, and she’ll surely get another good job in the long-run.  Good luck to Megan.

Good sent out this tweet after the show’s cancellation:

I’m sorry everyone… I just wanted to let you know that NBC has decided not to renew DECEPTION… and I just wanted you guys to hear from me first… I am so thankful …and humbled ..and blessed by the out pour of love and support -to see it come back.. and saddened that it is not… Thank you so much for supporting me 🙂 means so much… Well as I can before 🙂 …Daddy always does best onward and upward 🙂 … Thank you NBC for the Opportunity- I’m definitely better for it ! … Lego .

In addition to Good, “Deception” starred Victor Garber, Tate Donovan, Laz Alonso and Katherine LaNasa. The show’s initial 13-episode order was reduced to 11 episodes before it premiered, which is generally seen as a warning sign for new shows, although NBC maintained that the move was so that they could air all 11 installments uninterrupted, since the network didn’t have room on its midseason schedule for 13.

When reached for comment, a representative for NBC had no further information.


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  1. Claudia Robinson at 12:35 am

    Wow, hate that. I loved deception, was waiting for the next season too start… Great cast, and I wish you all the best..

  2. Claire Kimpson-Griffith at 10:24 am

    I am so angry! I wanted to see the father pay for the daughter's death and now wasn't the younger sister also snatched….We need a mini series to tie up somethings , Please!

  3. Claire Kimpson at 6:39 am

    NBC has been pissing me off for years now! They cancelled “The New Normal” and now “Deception”. This is always just the tip of the iceberg with them, I can’t remember the name of the series with Blair Underwood as the President (Syfy) but just when that was getting great, BAM…GONE! I don’t understand this network. It won’t give shows a chance to build a following or move them to better times to see if they will pick up in the ratings. They just make me sick. The show with Boris Kojo as the spy with his wife needed a better time. They lose because they have no patients and don’t know how to place shows. They are now spending more time on Game, Reality and Singing shows than any other station. It’s getting old!!!!!

  4. May Childofthe King at 9:22 pm

    I SOoooo loved the show Deception and could hardly wait for the new season,it was getting So good.I hate that the show was not returning and I. Love Megan Good what ever she plays in…….PLEASE. COME. BACK. DECEPTION,PLEASE LET SOMEBODY PICK THE SHOW BACK UP,GIVE IT A CHANCE,I KNOW THE SHOW WILL MAKE IT AND BE A SUCCESS,COME ON OPRAH/OWN PICK THE SHOW UP AND WATCH IT BLOSSOM…….PLEASE

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